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Vital statistics
Title The Cold Flame
Gender Male
Race/Species Cold Fire-Based Mischiever
Faction Mischivers
Description Hibernated
Skills and Abilities Fire-Based Abilities Using Fire That Freeze-Burns Anything It Touches
Status Hibernated By Luz (Twice Via Time Travel which circumvents the original one in that it already happened to a past-tense.)
Location Xoth System, Mad Rims (Birthplace)
Alignment Villainous

Aphoom-Zhah the Cold is a cold fireball-based Mischiever who was documented by Lin Carter in the story The Acolyte Of The Flame. He was spawned by Cthugha during his visit to the Dreamlands in the now-dead country of Hyperborea in the Demon Realm's iteration of the star Fomalhaut, which has been a long-standing base for many Mischievers. There, Aphoom-Zhah was worshiped as a god. This put him in direct competition with other polar gods like Rhan-Tegoth and Rlim Shaikorth, which began to dispute with him for devotees. This situation remained stable for some time until the Outer Gods arrived to destroy them. Rhan-Tegoth was sunk in a comatose state and Rlim Shaikorth was thrown to the sea aboard an iceberg. However, when they were about to apprehend Aphoom-Zhah, it reacted with such violence that it froze the regions of Hyperborea Lomar and Zobna, giving rise to the North Pole and even made much of the land frozen. This history would soon be collected in the Pnakotic Manuscripts. Aphoom-Zhah was a revered deity to races in the Dreamlands like the Gnoph-Keh, the Voormi and his own race of minions, the spectral Ylidheem. He is also a sibling of Fthaggua who is capable of using cold fire that burns and freezes things like any other normal fire. But soon he, Fthaggua, and Cthugha were all defeated by Luz, and later the attack on the Demon Realms was paradoxed out with his past-tense banished before the attack could occure with help of a budding Time Lord who was trying to rescue her alien race that was harmed by the past-tense of Fthaggua. His previous Outer God form remains uncertain, but he is potentially either a Space Councilor with more connection to ice or a member of a yet-to-be-identified ice-based Outer race, or equally an ice-themed Matter Councilor.