With Antombra going hero thanks to the events of The Truth of Antombra two-parter having her problems solved, she not only desided that Oversurrection wasn't even needed, but she even came to knew that Oversurrection has a darker meaning even Grimshot and Deadend failed to acknowledge. As such, He, Deadend, relucent new members Junks  and StreetVig, are captured as quickly as powerful with an overwealming Neo Core raid. In the reports, all but one promdominet member was reported captured. Grimshot, defeated and embittered with failure, finally confesses why he still stuck to leading Oversurrection even after the end of O'Shirgue's reign. Grimshot was convinced that socity would never allow "soldiers" or heroes to be beloved in a time of peace, so, the secret second reason for the Oversurrection's founding, behind mere revenge, was to also cause a world that never stops fighting, in so, it would inspire the Neo Core to be forever needed, because should conflict be ended, even with Nemeous around, the Neo Core go back to being obsilete, even with the goverment on better times. But who convinced Grimshot of this? The very one Oversurrection member that wasn't caught. A disgruntled War Vet from the Omnican Revolt, Gerphy Pfistersky, alias, Apocafist, who fell from graces with fellow war vets because of his philosifies and dangerious admiration for a war ecomamy and how war seems to make the ecomamy richer cause of the proxy of having to sustain it until it is won, and in Metal Gear Fastion, wanted to turn Gontroy into a planet eturnally at war, no less different to the likes of Illalog, even with the consiquiences of becoming a new terrorest planet because he is too caught up in his philosifives to reckindse the ramifications! So naterolly, the Pelles family at the time booted his insane butt out! But he got even when he took advantage of the falling of Neo Core and cohersed Grimshot, ordered him to corrupt Deadend, and even inspired the likes of Antombra and eventually Junks and a dragged in StreetVig to join Oversurrection in aiming to make his dreams of an endless war in Gontroy happen. With alot of convincing from the best convincers of the HA and the Lougers, along with Officer 99 being a firm, persistent, but begging old friend, Grimshot finally lets goes of his hatred for socity and realise his mistakes, while Deadend simply choose to follow Grimshot's exsample without being decorrupted, insisting that she's "Better off, all things considered", and Junks and StreetVig being lulled into it because of how touching Grimshot and Niney's reunion is, (Along with Junks being swayed by a sympathic to his homeland's blight climatologist of Neo Core), the heroes now aim to bring down Apocafist for ever causing so much problems since the Neo Core's downfall. But Apocafist wasted NO time at all making a resurgence and found himself a corrupted Omnican Mech named A.R.M.A.G.O.T.T.O.R.O.B.O.T.O., and thus, now our heroes are caught in a Metel Gear Resurgence Sytile Showdown against Apocafist. Can Gontroy be saved from a walking punching apocalise?

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