Apocalymon was one of the original Dark Spawn lords under the command of Chernabog during the first Cartoonian War. He is one of the digidestined's main enemies. he is considered to appear due to the digi-kids' appearance in the series. As of now, Apocalymon's role has been confirmed to appear in Spirited Away as a giant ally to the Villain League for the final encounter.


He is very much often an unidentified digimon on a dodecahedron with pyramid like platforms and large claws connected to DNA strand like arms. With such arms he could easily reverse the digivolution of a digimon while holding onto it. ProfileEdit Profile sectionEdit A Digimon who was formed from the deep grudges of man's negative thoughts and Digimon who were not able to evolve before they died. The appearance of Apocalymon was recorded in a prophetic book from ancient times. He evolved from the various deep grudges of Digimon who died, and information about those Digimon, such as their special attacks and how to perform them, are usually stored in his huge body. However, the main body is the small body on top. Although Apocalymon was sealed somewhere, he was released from his prison by Millenniummon.

Digimon Adventures 01

Apocalymon created the four Dark Masters and warped the real and digital worlds after the battle with Myotismon. Apocalymon fought the Digidestined and easily defeated them, dedigivolving the Digimon and crushing their crests, and then sending the Digidestined and their Digimon to the world of data. However, the crest power still existed, and the Digimon were still able to Digivolve into their ultimate and (in the case of WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon) mega forms. They fought Apocalymon again, and this time gained the advantage, destroying all his claws and the humanoid part of him. However, he still had one attack left: Total Annihilation. He shot a massive energy ball that would destroy the Digidestined, their Digimon, the real world, and the digital world. However, the Digidestined were determined not to give up, and as a result their Digivices shot energy beams that formed a cube to contain the attack, sending it back at Apocalymon to destroy him while containing the explosion so everything else survived.

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