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Vital statistics
Title The Moon-God
Gender Male
Race/Species Shapeshifter Mischiever
Faction Azathoth
Description Has Little Control Over Shapeshifting Abilities, Overly Ambitious
Skills and Abilities Shapeshifting, High Experience In Magic
Status At Large
Location Demon Realm (Birthplace), Enno-Lunn (Current Residence)
Alignment Villainous

Apocolothoth the Dooming is a Mischiever who has very little info about him besides the fact that he is a shapeshifting lunar entity dwelling in a dimension called Enno-Lunn. He was once an ancient warlock that was far older than Eda and Lilith and lived during the times where they didn't exist yet and their family, including their mother Gwendolyn Clawthorne, were still young. Apocolothoth would be the one whose teachings would make Eda's family knowledgeable on the existence of Mischievers. He was once an abomination warlock that tampered with dangerous forces by reading into darker occult practices. He created abominations out of chaos magic, seeing such magic as unlimited, but this practice was forbidden, and his attempts to prove it has great good only resulted in his abominations becoming self-aware and fusing with him, turning him into an abomination himself with uncontrollable shapeshifting. As punishment for his defiance, he was expelled and given a magic-restraining glyph that permanently destroyed his ability to do magic. Angry, he swore to destroy his school until Gwendolyn and her family stopped him, banishing him to the realm of Enno-Lunn, a lunar-based realm of abominations. He would come to learn and grow from here after summoning the Mischievers for another chance at revenge and is transformed into a Mischiever himself, restoring his magic, and more. He returned far more powerful than ever and sought to destroy the Clawthorne family for good, which resulted in the creation of the Lovecraftium coin that would be passed down to Eda. Soon he would find his chance to destroy Eda and Lilith when he learns that they have lost their high-level magic thanks to their shared curse and their Lovecraftium coin thanks to Devilin McJersey, and plans to have both Eda and Lilith kill each other through their cursed forms, alongside everyone they care about, simply to avoid confronting them and losing, and use this death to scare away the other Clawthornes so that he can resume his plans for the aim of using the Gems of Mlandoth and Mril Thorion, which were also family heirlooms and not just a stone meant to indicate the curse’s effects, to recapture said entities and permanently destroying Mischievers, as he had merely used them to get what he truly wanted. He also sends servants from Enno-Lunn to constantly thwart all of Gwendolyn's plans to cure Eda's curse, and has done so for thousands of years, especially in scams like with Master Wartlop, and have all but stripped any chance of the curse being healed as an additional favor to Mlandoth and Azathoth. Due to being a mortal in life, he has no initial Outer God form.


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