Apolune Apogee Tide
Apolune Tide
Vital statistics
Title The Tide Demon, Tidericorn
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Capricorn
Faction The Typhoon King's Head Henchwoman
Description Rough, Tragedy-Ridden, Anti-Social, Torturous, Snarky, Bitter, Tough, Aggressive
Skills and Abilities Natural Capricorn Abilities, Muscular Strength, Short Horns Enchanted To House Magic Like A Bicorn, Agility, Shifts From Back Legs To Fins At Will
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria
  • Great Reef, Maricolous Ocean (Homeland)
Alignment Bitter Anti-Social Loyalty

Apolune Apogee Tide is an Equestrian Capricorn from the Maricolous Ocean, which is the biggest ocean of Equestria. She is an embittered goat-fish hybrid and a relentless henchwoman for The Typhoon King 5x on par with Tempest Shadow. She is the last of the Equestian Capricorns because she failed to use a powerful petriacation stone spell properly when she meant to do it onto an attacking Squirk, ending up turning all but the monster into stone, leaving her a tecnecal endling. Squirk leaves laughing, coming to believe that he doesn't need to threaten the Capricorn race after all. Apolune as since became an endling vababond mercenery and has came to serve the Typhoon King who promised her the chance of having the magic to restore her race in return for servitude, giving her the power of a bicorn through her horns in exchange for this. She has somewhat an African-American accent like Queen Novo.


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