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Vital statistics
Title The Mighty Dragotaur
Gender Male
Race/Species Equestrian Dragotaur
Faction Independent Barbarian
Description Strong, Monstrous, Cynical, Violent, Merciless, Intolerable to Cheap Fighting Advantages, Murderous, Strategic
Skills and Abilities Natural Dragotaur Abilities, Fire Breath, Flight, Strength, Durability, Speed, Reflexes, Powerful Magic, Paradoxical Physiology Against Cheap Solutions (Formerly)
Status Still at Large
Location Equestria
  • Dragotauria (Homeland)
  • Current Location Unknown...
Alignment Evil

Apostopheles Deadstrom is an Equestrian Dragotaur (dragon-centaur) from the distant lands of Dragotauria, and a barbarian in the name of his people who is a local danger to the Bicorns (two-horned unicorns) of Biquestria. Beaten long ago by the Equestrian legend known as Galaxy Rush, Apostopheles has spent his near-immortal life trying to resume his plans to bring back the war against the Dragotaurs and Bicorns, who are masters of Equinox through their two horns that both harness positive (light) and negative (dark) magic. He wishes to do so because he believes they 'cheated' their victory by using a paradox spell, undoing their chance at victory instantly, and leaving them to be banished far away and out of their own homeland. Embittered that they 'weren't fighting fair', Apostopheles swore revenge and to have the war resumed once again. He did so by stealing the Cipher Cinnabar, an anti-paradox magic stone that he used to terrorize the Bicorns and after they almost took it and defeated him, he ate it and the power was harnessed into him, allowing him to resist this trick as his newfound terrorism and barbarism left the bicorns to develop half-Equestrian customs as they are now only half like Equestria and half like the rest of the world. Eventually, Galaxy comes by after being raised away from Biquestria for his own safety, as he used an anti-paradox magic field to destroy his anti-paradox abilities, and defeat him once and for, banishing him back with the rest of his kind. However, he still swore revenge, and that he will find a power that even the bicorns cannot negate.


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