Vital statistics
Title Applejerk (Evil Side), Clone of Applejack
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Earth Pony
Faction Team Nefarious (Formerly), School of Friendship
Description Applesauce: Honest, Earnest, Innocent

Applejerk: Dishonest, Gross, Gassy, Eproctophilic, Deceptive, Mean, Sarcastic

Skills and Abilities Natural Earth Pony Abilities, Any Abilities of Applejack
Status Alive
Location Nefarious Space Station (Birthplace)

School of Friendship, Equestria (Current Residence)

Alignment Good

Applesauce, formerly Applejerk, is a clone of Applejack created by Doctor Nefarious in order to wield one of his Elements of Disharmony, representing the Element of Dishonesty being reversed in personality after being infused with power from Discord and corrupted into self-harm into harnessing and mastering chaos magic. Once she eventually gets reformed, she becomes one of Twilight's first students at her new Friendship School. She lacks a cutie mark due to just being born, but later earns it in the form of a red version of Big Mac's cutie mark, representing her ability to farm good seedlings and make them grow into big heroes.




Applesauce was born from a sample of Applejack's DNA, cloned and incubated into a same-age duplicate with the same personality but no long-term memory and a confused mindset. Then Doctor Nefarious placed her into a corruption machine that corrupts via mental simulations. Thus she is shown her DNA donor's life, and then introduced to a scenario where the Element of Honesty is conflicted. She sees scenarios where being honest hurts people's feelings even if it wasn't meant to and that being openly honest means lack of tact and revealing truths meant to be secrets utterly causing her to be an outcast, putting her through self-harm and corruption, and thus harnessed and mastered black and chaos magic, becoming convinced that honesty was a way to harm and destroy people and trust and swore allegiance to Nefarious with her equally-corrupted clone friends into becoming the Elements of Disharmony, going by the name Applejerk, only as a ploy to betray him in the end and pursue a bigger goal.



Coming soon...


Applejerk is a reversed Applejack, meaning she is a dirty liar and dishonest jerk, as well as a good con artist and trickster. She is also incredibly gross, having a bad habit of loving flatulence, is very unattached to family or tradition (possibly due to being a clone), has a short temper, intolerably stubborn, has impossible and cartoonish strength that more than surpasses her DNA donor to where one buck can make all apples from every farm in the world fall, an extreme yet unrestrained and relentless workaholic, and she is very greedy and selfish. But even if she is afraid to admit the truth, Applejerk doesn't want to be a huge threat, and instead wants to be a lesser threat with only her clone friends, meaning that she still has good inside.


Despite being an Earth pony, Applesauce has learned to harness black and chaos magic. As Applejerk, this allowed her lies to jinx or at rare moments manifest. She has Applejack's strength and skill, which is increased to cartoonish levels, unlimited endurance and stamina, she is a cunning liar and trickster, and she can make a bad influence without hardly trying.

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