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is one of the main characters of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. She is a Keyblade Master.

Role in the Series

Aqua has been a  good life long friend friend of Tyro since she,Terra and Ventus met him and Mang in the city of Jinzhao and are brought to together when Aqua was captured by the villainous Wu-Sisters who are building an all girl army to enslave China in Secrets of Tyro (told by Po when he Spyro, Sparx, Kairi, Tigress and Mantis brake into the new Life and Times of Tyro exhibit in tribute of Tyro in the Hall of Heroes) and Tyro and Mang's friendship with Aqua, Ven and Terra has blossemed ever since. When the New Chronicles come to an end, Aqua will return to the Realm of Light after Tyro awakens from his eternal Slumber and Mang is finally cured of his evil ways and she becomes The New Jade Palace Masters Along with Tyro, Mang, Terra, Ven and Teen Mang.

Role outside the Series

Aqua will meet Jeffrey Dragonheart, Jaden Yuki and their friends in Jeffrey, Jaden & Friends' Storm Adventures of Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. Jeffrey will fall in love with her. Eventually, he and Aqua will become a couple. Sometime later, Jeffrey will marry Aqua. This will make her Xion's adopted mother.

(SPOILER ALERT: Aqua will eventually give birth to a son named Bruce Dragonheart. He will be super intelligent like his father Jeffrey and has the same magical abilities as Aqua. Bruce will also have super strength.)

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