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Alake Wawa Aegaeon
Aqua Regia.png
Vital statistics
Title Aqua Regia, Aqua, Regia, Ethnic Tsunami
Gender Female
Race/Species Translucent Flarefish (Flaripisces translucus)
Faction Villains Act
Description Xenophobic, Feels Awful About Being A Hypocrite By Joining the Villains Act, Prejudicial, Intolerable with Failure, Allergic to Oil
Skills and Abilities Slippery Swimmer, Limited Combat
Status Locked up
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Saline Reef, Aqorica (Gamma Universe, Gamma Core Sector, Hydrowanwa System) (Hometown)
  • Oranos (Imprisonment)
Alignment Xenophobic and Evil

Alake W. Aegaeon, AKA Aqua Regia, is an Alternate UUniversal Flarefish from Planet Aqorica. She is a stern and arrogant fish with a large hatred for land creatures for their effects on her underwater home such as pollution, coral bleaching, and their habit of eating her own kind. This also cost the lives of her parents. As a result, she joined the Villains Act (even though she ironicly hated the act and herself for assuiated with abunch of land beings), and plotted to get revenge on the land creatures by flooding their homeworlds completely. She once tried to flood all of Sioephus until she was beaten by Byron Buster, and imprisoned on Planet Oranos. She has yet to return.


Alake was born on Planet Aqorica as the daughter of a Senator mother and an Ambassador father. She lived a happy life, grew up, and got the job on the sea farm planting undersea fruits, due to a lack of interest getting involved with the metahoritcal bloodbath and scandalious life of polotics. But one day, the farm went out of business when the plants were bleached, and the water was polluted. Alake soon found out that a few visitors from Planet Sioephus, which was making an illegal business of extracting oil from the sea floor. This made Alake angry. She flipped herself on the rig, and threatened to shut it down, only to realize she was just a fish. She couldn't breath, and she couldn't move. She went back into the water, and everyone laughed at her. When she went to tell her parents about the incident, she finds out their houses were polluted as well. Her parents were dying, and heard her father's last words "Alake? If you ever get the chance to bring land-dwellers to their knees, do it!". Feeling vengeful, Alake swore to make land creatures pay for their crimes. Fortunately, the business owner was already arrested by the Alternate UUniversal Grand Council. But that still wasn't enough for Alake.

In order to show the land creatures who they messed with, Alake was trained in martial arts and learned how to maneuver herself good on land for a short period of time. She was provided with a robotic water-apparatus for her to breathe and move on land, and she got the chance to join the Villains Act, despite hating the land creatures that were in it. But she had to deal with it because they were the only ones she knew who could give her the power to exact her revenge. They gave her an army of land-dwelling fishes, some sharks, and some Teadr-2 technology, and she attempted to use it on Sioephus, the same world that killed her parents. She upgraded her apparatus suit to a combat mech, names herself 'Aqua Regia', destroys a dam which floods certain areas, and creates a tractor beam which she intends to use to bring the planet's moon closer, and flood the entire planet with tidal wave chaos. Her actions in destroying the dam catches the attention of the Sioephus Rebellion, especially Byron and his friends since it completely consumes their homes in water. This proves to be a problem for them since some of them can't swim, especially Byron's love interest, Taila Baxis. Byron, luckily, had learned to swim during his early adventuring. They decide that something has to be done.

The group stops Aqua Regia from destroying several other dams which threaten their families, and they do their best to search for the location of her hideout. But they hint that it might be underwater, which means that the group has to learn how to swim just in case. While the rest are actually doing well, Taila seems hard to teach since she is afraid of the water, so she is not willing to get started. But she eventually does get the hang of it when Aqua Regia attacks the Mother Dam in order to flood the entire area. While they are barely able to stop it, they are able to discover that Aqua Regia's hideout is located behind the dam. They reach it, and after a brutal fight that nearly drowns them, and when Aqua Regia was nearly victorious, they are able to defeat her. Afterward, after she is sent to Oranos, Taila and Byron confess their love for each other, and order is restored on Sioephus. Aqua Regia has yet to return.