Aranasia Ozark Terkley Æther
Vital statistics
Title Headmaster Aranasia, Headmaster Radiance, AUU Ozpin (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Ranged Depending On Reincarnation
Faction Head of Radiance
Description Wise, Optimistic, Blended Personalities Of All Her Previous Reincarnations
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Telepathy, Magical Powers, Reincarnation Abilities
Status Unknown
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Remena (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Rewben System) (Homeworld)
Alignment Good

Headmistress Aranasia O.T. Æther is an Alternate UUniversal Telepulan from Planet Remena. She is a telepathic cephalopod being who is not only the headmistress of Radiance, which trains Neo-Zyaūar Masters called Espers and Esperesses as defenders in four academies on each of the four continents and their kingdoms, but she's the secret founder of the continent of Aranasia and it's kingdom of Dell, as she is secretly gone through hundreds of reincarnations as a telepathic cosmic entity who used to be an ally for the Zyaūar Masters, and became dedicated to doing what she could to protect her homeworld since it's original inhabitants did war with the Zyaūar Masters. She binds her soul to the closest telepathic being that matches her potential and she binds them so that the two can be the same and yet still be themselves. She has four adopted children who all run the four academies, which include Dell's former headmaster Gwendya Goodspell, Gale's headmaster Leoneston Cauterhart, Vacua's headmistress Opinaphona Vellumshare, and Almana's headmaster Erik Torchwood. Though since she and her adopted children have gone missing since the destruction of Dell's Radiance Academy from Grimmess Occultra since her hybrid daughter Tephra took the last of the Seasonal Mages' power and the relic, they still have yet to show themselves again. She is the AUU version of RWBY Professor Ozpin.

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