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Talhata Stear Valithrax
Arbiter Valithax.png
Vital statistics
Title Arbiter Valithax, Arbiter, Leader of the Pharcum Mercenary Guild
Gender Male
Race/Species Pharcum
Faction Pharcum Mercenary Guild
Description Scarred, Two Broken Ribs, Rough, Violent
Skills and Abilities Advanced Equipment, Energy Mace, Red Augmentation Stims, Fast Charging Ability
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Yissmir, Pharom (Eta Universe, Isheegus Sector, Schpreen System) (Hometown)
  • Gothamax City, Pharom (Current Residence)
Alignment Rogue Evil

Arbiter Talhata Stear Valithax is an Alternate UUniversal Pharcum from Planet Pharom. He is a very violent and maniacal mercenary and the leader of the Pharcum Mercenary Guild, and a great childhood friend of Lord Hoggthedbouth. The two were partners during their earlier years in the Guild, and were the best rookies yet. As their years of violence and acquisition, Valithax became the Arbiter while Hoggthedbouth would become the Vice-Lord ready to take over and begin a massive retaliation war against those who exiled their race to the Isheegus Sector.


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