The Dark Siders have discovered that most of the Villains Act's old targets have been in the Bounty Hunter Consortium this whole time during their brief control of it in Egotistical Redemption, proving that the Consortium was more against them than they expected from their 'neutral' status. So Kafar has decided that it was about time to complete the lost jobs that the Villains Act failed to do with them. Their first target was Arnade Arbor, who was previously marked for death by the Villains Act because of a misunderstanding that fooled the Villains Act into thinking that he was a weapon-building genius, when really he had little experience with it despite being descended from a grand weapon-manufacturer. Because of this, Kafar and the Dark Siders are dead convinced that Arnade would return to be a 'legitimate genius' again and make weapons to use against the Dark Siders and making things much harder. So Kafar decides that they deal with that first, attacking the Consortium once again to complete the Villains Act's plans for them by first going after Arnade. Knowing this day would come, Lik ordered Xrandy and Slala to protect Arnade at their own request while the other bounty hunters evacuated to another planet, that way it would be hard for the Dark Siders to kill Arnade. The three end up hiding in the Dragon Temple where they explain to the Lodgers about Kafar's plans. Meanwhile, Kafar ends up placing a bounty on the head of Arnade for the villain teams and many of the Lodgers' independent enemies to hunt him down in return for a great reward, ensuring that the Bounty Hunter group never gets any peace of mind. Now it's up to the Lodgers, The Heroes Act, and their friends and allies to put a stop to this insanity.

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