Arce Fassa Sonarr
Arce the Ace
Vital statistics
Title Arce the Arc, Arc, Arcehole, Brother of Captain Asapha Sonarr, Leader of the Buzzwings
Gender Male
Race/Species Pyriiraptor (Pyriiraptor ferocifexus)
Faction The Buzzwings

Para Knights (Formerly)

Description Elderly, Swift, Dangerous
Skills and Abilities Naturally Agile, Excellent Combatant and Leader, Wields a Mini Energy Dident
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Nygia (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Waifu System) (Homeworld/Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed Antihero

Arce F. Sonarr, AKA Arce the Arc, is an Alternate UUniversal Pyriiraptor from Planet Nygia. He is the younger brother of Captain Asapha Sonarr, and the leader of The Buzzwings. He originated in Project: Crystal Clear just like his brother in the Para Knights, and was originally a member and second-in-command. But he was foolish to believe that Governor Buzz Ki Ller was trying to keep the people of Nygia safe through them, and betrayed the Para Knights along with 7 other members. These 8 would constantly try and turn the Para Knights in so Buzz can force them to be his enforcers. But after one failure, Buzz betrayed him and his comrades by sending them to Oranos. But the 8 were able to escape soon afterward to become antiheroes who are out for justice against Buzz and would often aid the Para Knights in stopping him.


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