Archduke Bagg

Archduke D'oughe Bagg

Archduke Doug Henry Baggins, dubbed Archduke D'oughe Bagg to undesirables, is the Archduke of Mewmans and an old childhood friend of Queen Moon. Studious and logical in youth, he had always admired Moon greatly and had romantic thoughts. However, the fact he wasn't of royal blood, and that she was around King River, made him kept these feelings repressed. He was able to even KNOW Moon personally at all, cause he was the protosay of Prime Major Admiral Asper Swipe. Though a pasifistic nature kept D'oughe Bagg away from getting truely involved in the path Asper went on, D'oughe did bought into the hype of hating monsters all the same. As a result, when he came into becoming Archduke, his greater contributions to keeping Mewmans against monsters is to discourage interactions outside of distrust and hate and risk his mentor's views from being underminded, including a ban on marring monsters or monsters being allowed to marry at all. But what deviates him from just being Asper 2.0. truely, is that his prejudice to monsters has abit more tragic motivations then simply being too blindly proud of Mewmanity. D'oughe was able to attend the peace talks between Comet and the Archduke of Monsters, Batwin. Comet was actselly going to originally just surrender all Monster land back to them and mewmanity would leave to a simular but better plain found not too far from Mewni dimention-wise. However, fearing that Comet would face controversey and that Moon would be ruined in life cause of sins of the mother, he distrupted the meeting with a decisive "NOW HOLD ON A MINUTE"! He was able to convince Comet to instead have a peace treaty signed in the banquet in hoping that Monsters would have a chance to see the good Mewmanity can offer in peace time so no leave would need to happen. However, when he attended that Banquet with confidence that it would pull through, he was mortifived that Toffee spontaniously assassinated Comet then and there, with the other Generals cheering him on, all but a sadly looking away Anewas, as Batwin was left dumbfounded and horrorfived. Toffee briefly gave a cold gaze to a cowerding D'oughe, but only then to proceeding to leave, stating that he wasn't even worth the time nor effert it would take to end D'oughe. Thus, D'oughe was haunted by the burden that he caused Comet's death in not realising that a peace treaty was actselly in bad taste, considering what mewmans had done, reckitnising that the original deal was the only acceptable course to peace. D'oughe kept quiet about how the Peace Treaty was his idea, thus making it look as if that Comet always had meant to utilise a peace treaty. He not only feared of being hated for causing a royal member to die, but he also feared having Moon hate him. As a result, the Archduke kept firm on keeping monsters away from Mewmans, even with Asper's eventuall self-exile as the result of Star Butterfly's actions.
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