Londus Parl Shoralke
Archduke Londus Shoralke
Vital statistics
Title Archduke Shoralke of Rabodia
Gender Male
Race/Species Rabodan
Faction Vice-Baron and Archduke of Rabodan Government
Description Calm, Refined, Gentlemanly, Subtle, Weakness to Wealth, Fears War, Rule-Abiding to a Fault.
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Defence Glove.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Wargan City, Rabodia (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Traitorous, Misguided Evil
Archduke Londus P. Shoralke is an Alternate UUniversal Rabodan from Planet Rabodia. He is the Vice-Baron and an archduke in the race's government that is secretly seeking to overthrow Baroness Corona Ellames for keeping secrets about her two children, Tonas and Zanny, and secretly got involved with the Villains Act to see to it that the secret was exposed. However, he's not doing it in the way you would normally expect from the typical "Trecherious viser" scenario, because he doesn't actually care about having the power of being a government leader, preferring to be an archduke and never really seeing himself as a much stronger authority person and is only seeking it out because lying is what lead to a terrible war in his race's past, and he would only otherwise take the position because nobody else is better qualified in light that the Baroness' heirs would be exposed for lying. Londus is also doing it not just out of fear of war, but because of his weakness for money and his greedy nature similar to a blend between Mr. Krabs and the Duke of Weselton. In a misguided and hypocritical way, he only wants to keep his people from hurting each other again even if it would severely hurt the Legion of Dominant Races in the process. But he doesn't actselly want to expose the Legion's deepest secrets that easily, espeically not for the favor of the 'distasteful renegades' of the Villains Act. In fact, it might be why he has the most-embarrassing member of the Villains Act (besides Narcotic) by the name of General Flark Ga Roop, who only serves as his bad-side assistant while his unknowing good-side assistant is the much more competent leader of the Rabodan military, Admiral Vol Krugum. Flark was renowned for his failure of conquering a British-like planet called Usuabloth cause of it's charm and rendering him as a complete idiot. This allows Londus to easily give false infomation about the Legion's weaknesses without being throughly investigated and questioned by a more compident VA member had he went with someone else, and secretly warn the Legion of these 'unexpected attacks', rendering the Villains Act into utter humiliation. His only evil traits is his weakness for money, fear of a horrible war, hypocritical means to prevent it and not much else. He's otherwise a well-meaning, but hypocritical, anti-hero at best. He always seems to wear a self-defense glove on his right arm which can use electricity and plasma to defend him from anyone who tries to threaten him.


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  • "Don't judge me for doing what is best at preventing a new planetary war."
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