Lusus Van Der Naturae
Vital statistics
Title Archfiend Naturae
Gender Male
Race/Species Felinine
Faction King Echidian
Description Feral, Monstrous, Self-Aware, Intelligent, Bloodthirsty
Skills and Abilities Natural Monster Abilities, Calculative Intelligence, Strategic Mind, Adaptive Hunting Skills, Higher Sense of Smell, Sight, and Hearing, Feline Agility, Wolf Social Behavior
Status Still at Large
Location The Bestiary Dimension
Alignment Loyal Ambition
Archfiend Lusus Naturae is a Felinine from the Bestiary Dimension. He is a large canine-feline monster and the former associate of King Echidian, the dimension's former ruler. Serving as the greatest player in the civil war for interdimensional domination after the rebellion's leader saw a vision of their dimension being destroyed unless they renounced their plans to dominate the multiverse, he suffered the same fate as them when the rebellion lost and the dimension was destroyed. But when it was restored, Echidian decreed that all monsters were to remain feral and magic was to never be reintroduced into the Bestiary Dimension. Having suffered severe trauma from the dimension's destruction, Lusus swore a lifelong oath to follow this decree and ensure that every monster followed his orders, and consume any monster who said otherwise. After the last magic spell was used to regress all monsters into feral mentality, minus their self-awareness, Lusus took his best friends Elephantine and Grotesqus to ensure that everyone obeys Echidian's decree. He is currently chasing Snare, the last sentient monster in the Bestiary Dimension who aims to restore magic, and intends to eat him for high treason, since Snare descends from a group of monsters who disagreed with Echidian's decree and that running away and avoiding their problems instead of learning from them was a cowardly move and not the Bestiaran way. Lusus continues to hunt down Snare to this day, and always succeeds in thwarting his plans to restore magic and sentience, but always fails to catch Snare.


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