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Archie Bishop Cleansmax
Vital statistics
Title Archbishop Cleanse, Archie Bishop Cleanse, Archbishop Cleansmax
Gender Male
Race/Species Purple-Beaked Bekkey (Bekkapithecus purputhius)
Faction Leader of Cleanse Co.
Description Self-Righteous Easily Irritable Nutcase
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities.
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Wakka-Wakka-Doo (Delta, Hegedus, Jarrango) (Homeworld)
Alignment Mistaken Good, but actually an utter psycotic idiot

Archbishop Archie B. Cleansmax is an Alternate UUniversal Bekkey from Planet Wakka-Wakka-Doo. He is a beaked monkey and the leader of a group known as Cleanse Co., which evolved from U-Ter, a Uridian cult that protects the outdated sacred titles of Uridian technology inside their 88 Vaults, which is filled with their greatest secrets and power. Cleanse Co. evolved from those who saw that the only way to protect this power from abuse is to destroy it, unaware that the Uridi-Titans exist to protect them. He is self-deluded in believing that what he is doing is for the benefit of the universes and Teadr 1 legacies, but is nothing more than another headache created from the U-Ters misunderstanding of the intended purpose of the vaults. In fact, the U-Ters had even admitted SHAME that Cleanse Co. came from their namesake, deeming them "Idiots who missed the point of the intention".


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