Ardene Telsy Connors
Vital statistics
Title Dr. Ardene Connors, Dr. Connors, Connors
Gender Female
Race/Species AUU Original Human
Faction Globex Industries
Description Alternate Anatomy to OUU Humans, Intelligent, Gifted, Often Homesick
Skills and Abilities Excellent Engineer and Inventor, Stunning Confidence, Charming, Non-Fighter
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Spaash, Xeexar VII (Zeta Universe, Zilgord Sector, Romaa System) (Hometown, Moon)

Tranquility Zone

  • Ivestown, Uispeon (Gamma Sector, Intrun System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Good and Loving

Dr. Ardene T. Connors, later Ardene Parns, is an Alternate UUniversal Original human from the moon Xeexar VII. She is a beautiful lady who grew up with a special friend named Idmon Parns, and the two eventually fell in love, and went to work for Globex Industries to fulfill a dream of trying to create the first fully-sentient AI that a low Teadr race had ever created. The two had been a couple for several years, yet they never got to accomplish their dream nor even propose when the Villains Act came and threatened the human race into evacuating, leaving Ardene no choice but to wave goodbye to Idmon. Both of them were left into sadness and grief that they had to be separated. While Idmon would prepare for devising a warm welcome for the humans should they ever come back, Ardene had a hard life in the Tranquility Zone. Especially since she worked in a Globex facility on the TZ planet of Uispeon, where she had a hand of creating one of their biggest AI units, ARIS. She had a hard time living here, never seeming to forget about Idmon, and when the Dark Era War began, she was forced to work in providing extra machinery and engineering work for the war effort, getting tired of creating AI units that were later sabotaged to work for the Zurkulites. But when the humans finally patched things up during the final battle against the enemy, Ardene decided to join in with all the weapons and equipment she could gather and finally get back to doing what she was meant to do. While she managed to destroy a few Zurkulites, the military found her and decided that she join in the fight despite a few skepticisms. Despite getting a broken rib which she was able to live without, she was still okay, and moved back into AI technology, and actually made a few improvements to ARIS. She also learned to cope with losing her boyfriend after so many years of grieving and letting it all out on the enemy. She would eventually join the humans and return back to the AUU, reuniting with Idmon, finally getting married, and having a daughter in the form of Idmon's AI unit, M.A.V.I.S, who was derived from DNA she left behind when she left.


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