Arendelle is the homeworld of Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Prince Hans, Duke of Weselton, and Grand Pabbie, and a world in Kingdom Hearts III.

Role in the series

Despite a cancelled moisode, Arendelle has had significance as a home of the Great Spirits through introducing seasonal magic, as the world's axial poles are laced with mana, giving the seasons the ability to come alive in their own way, making it significant in the Disney Universe. Elsa is revealed to have been one of many magical females to inherit seasonal magic powers, and Lightflies found their own big Uniter Princess here named Schnee, a woman who can use all 4 seasonal magic types, which is very rare in the world of Arendelle. Schnee gained a similar role to the titular Snow Queen, the fairy tale Frozen is based on, but unlike the story, Schnee was not evil and saved the two children Kai and Gerda from the real villain, her archenemy Fra'osster the Cold, in the year 1937 (The same year Disney considered trying to adapt The Snow Queen into film but went through development hell due to the fairy tale story itself being incompatible to a cinematic screening), saving Kai's heart from falling to Kingdom Hearts and destroying Fra'osster's evil mirror yet unintentionally spreading corruptive shards into so many people including Prince Hans' father King Westergaard, which caused Prince Hans' turn to evil through horrible upbringing. Though Schnee destroyed all the shards, the effects became permanent due to elongated exposure. By 2019, Kai and Gerda were parents and elders on borrowed time, and were murdered by Prince Hans turned into a Sköll Heartless by Fra'osster on what they knew would be their last adventure.

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