Arnade Guu Arbor
Arnade Arbor
Vital statistics
Title Ar-Grenade, Arbor, Weapon-Boy, Arny, Descendant of the Creator of the Arbor Weapon Line, Bounty Hunter
Gender Male
Race/Species Lesser Waraby (Joccopus minor)
Faction The Bounty Hunter Consortium
Description Strong, Agile,
Skills and Abilities Kickboxing Champion, Good Wrestler, Durable Suit, Not Skilled in Building Weapons Like His Ancestors, But Can Wield His Family Weapons (Kept in ISD) Accurately, Powerful Kicks, Various Explosives and Equipment, Combat Boomerang, Solar Wind Spaceship
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Triggerus, Tau (Eta Universe, Dalimpir Sector, Whallar System) (Hometown)
  • Maroon Circuit, Narene (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Jargassa System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero

Arnade G. Arbor is an Alternate UUniversal Waraby from Planet Tau. He was descended from a weapons designer for Globex who was known for creating the Arbor Weapon Line. He was thinking about being just like his ancestor, but the only problem is he's not as skilled in building as him, yet he learned how to use his weapons to a great affect. He's also a great kickboxing champion. But when he caused controversy for the Villains Act, he was marked for death. To avoid this, he joined The Bounty Hunter Consortium, where his kickboxing skills, his powerful kicks, and his weapon accuracy makes him one of the best bounty hunters. He is a close friend to Xrandy, and hates Viume Phyarse for constantly bullying him.


Arnade was born on Planet Tau, the weapons capital of the AUU. He is the descendant of a Globex weapons designer named Eeth P. Arbor, who designed weapons such as pure fusion weapons, heavy plasma weapons, and railguns, all being part of the Arbor Weapon Line. Arnade honored his ancestor like a prodigy, and someday dreamed to be just like him. But while he took as many science classes as he could, he was still unable to gain enough experience to become as good as Eeth. But while he was learning sciences, he got a side-activity in boxing like his father when he was in high school, and ranked up to a high-grade champion, thus giving him self-defense moves against bullies, all except for those who are too big for him.

When he became 18, Arnade was able to design his first weapon during the first years of the Villains Act. While it was just a pistol which uses heated plasma, Globex bought it and upgraded it, giving Arnade good credit, and even allowing him to apply for an internship. His small experience meant that he couldn't design any other weapon for a couple of years, and he decided to take up a job as a janitor until he could improve. Then rumor mysteriously spread that he created a weapon that was just as good as one of Eeth's weapons, which was a chargeable mega-laser cannon which packed a powerful punch, when it was actually created by one of his colleagues and school bullies who decided to lie about his involvement just to tease him. But while it was a harmless prank, it caused a controversy for the Villains Act when they realized that this 'genius' could create a weapon just as good as the weapon of their Commando Skelebots, and decided to mark him for death. Cyber Caera was sent to assassinate him as a result. However, they were unaware that Xrandy had noticed this and was able to protect Arnade from Caera.

When they lost her, Xrandy decided to bring Arnade to the Bounty Hunter Consortium where he would be safe. That was until Lik-Lick Tick Blick decided that his 'genius' would be useful. But upon realizing that it was just a prank from a jerk colleague, Lik decided to just allow him to become a bounty hunter since the Villains Act will not be realizing this any time soon and he needed protection. So Arnade accepted and became one of Xrandy's closest friends. Xrandy always had Arnade's back when he was in trouble, especially since he was constantly being harassed by Viume, whom he hated for his rivalry with Xrandy. While he didn't have enough experience to enter the arena that Xrandy and Viume competed in, as well as the other superior bounty hunters, he was given the right to watch Xrandy compete. He was even proud of Xrandy for winning in the arena and earning the recognition as the greatest bounty hunter in the Consortium, as well as it's trademark. And he started hating Viume more for making a bet he was going to lose. Even to this day, Arnade is still a good friend, and even though the Villains Act was destroyed and he was free to go, he decided to choose his life as a bounty hunter because it's where he was most comfortable.


Arnade has a natural ability to see in the dark, as well as good hearing and sight. He can travel pretty fast when either running away from a target or chasing it. He has natural agility with his long tail. He has a small intelligence that once allowed him to invent a plasma pistol, which he uses when at work, and he is also very good at diagnostics and computer sciences. He is also a kickboxing champion who can pummel down an opponent with punches and kicks. He doesn't wear much armor except for a Nomex vest under his outfit.

He carries around a few explosives such as ordnance grenades which has power levels that can be manipulated, and even some flash-bang grenades. He also carries some equipment such as a hacking device, a collapsible combat boomerang, and some portable gravity nodes that can pull opponents directly to it for 10 seconds allowing easy time to escape. He wears an ISD (Infinite-Storage Device) on his suit that can carry any of 2 weapons from his ancestor's weapon line. He has the entire collection, but he feels comfortable carrying only 2 at a time.

His spaceship is called the Solar Wind, which is an agile flying machine that has advanced energy modules that shield from commonly-fatal g-forces that can be the result of intense flying. This ship, while moderately small and looks more like a starfighter, does have a hyperdrive, and is equipped with 2 cannons that use masers to create an EMP-based projectile to deal damage to a target. It also comes with 2 missile launchers, and it also has a deflector shield. The ship is entirely electric, and is propelled through 6 atomic thrusters. The armor is made of titanium and a conductive metal that both serves as a makeshift shield generator and source for electric power.

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