Arpaca Zee Viall
Arpaca Zee Viall
Vital statistics
Title Arpaca the Pack, Mighty Slayer, "Savior" of the Zarphalls
Gender Male
Race/Species Zarphall
Faction Zarphall Military Force
Description Fit and Active.
Skills and Abilities Double-Bladed Dagger That Can Be Separated Into Two Individual Blades,

Durable Back, Flawless Self-Defense Skills, Martial Artist, Regeneration

Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Zurgypse, Breezso Prime (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Breezso System) (Hometown/Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero, Mostly Evil

Arpaca Zee Viall is an Alternate UUniversal Zarphall from Planet Breezso Prime. He is a warrior who is the descendant of a military war criminal who was responsible for the ordering of the destruction of the home planet of their races' rivals, the Fugbopaths, in the hopes that their reaction would make them look like monsters. And it was a surprising success, but it cost them their home planet of Zarpha. Arpaca was born on a Zarphall colony on Breezso Prime during the century-spanning Zarphall-Fugbopath War, and when the Fugbopaths were exiled, Arpaca became a ruthless "hero" who would aid his race on AUU conquest. He has a very bratty personality when things don't go well, and he is very bloodthirsty when fighting, especially with his main weapon: a double-bladed dagger which can be split into two dual daggers. He is naturally agile and reflexive, striking with incredible speed. While not objecting to the illy gained life-sytile and luxery earned from a centaury old deception, Arpaca has no true fondness to his ansistery, or actselly proud of it for that matter. He knows that if it wasn't for the misunderstanding over the USRA position, he wouldn't even exist cause his ansister would've been still declaired untrustable and there for, no sane potainional mate would want to get down with him, and secretly believes that the Fugbos knew better then actselly react in pure anger like that and knows it was all a ploy to portect a big secret and to keep his ansister from destroying his race's credability to the point of no return. On the other hand, anxity of being viewed as a hero to his race who are equilly fooled by his rotten ansister drives him to fear the worse should the Fugbos be allowed to return, and it places him at great odds with himself and Nagin the Massive.


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