The Lodgers discover more on the Celestial Phoenix legend after Peng manages to do a technique similar to the test. It's revealed that there actually was a person who reached such a level in the form of an Aldabra giant tortoise named Zuìgao Zhu Qiang, who apparently died of boredom since being the Celestial Phoenix made him bored because of having no challenge, as every foe he ever fought was beaten with no problem. After hearing of this wide elaboration, Po was feeling twice as stupid for actually wanting to reach such levels. However, he discovers that the one who gave him the Kung Fu Shoes, Wupo, has discovered something strange in the Musho Market. Turns out, the Musho Market was built not too far from where Pang Bing met Don Minong, and she accidentally discovers a Chi crack that ends up releasing Don Guanlong, who as it turns out became the greatest menace to the Spirit Realm as every master there had trouble stopping him including Oogway, as he grew in power since he was defeated. Now, after Wupo accidentally aids in the crack he was using to break out, he frees himself, and brings in his corrupted son, and wreaks havoc as a spirit warrior. However, Kai has also managed to find the hole and does his own thing trying to head out to the Panda Village again. To make matters worse, every evil spirit as well also escapes and reeked havic on china! After the Lodgers send Kai back again, they discover how he got out. Pang, is both delighted and terrified that not only is her friend back, but his evil father is, too, and is currently ravaging town after town and nobody has been capable of stopping him. But strangely enough, they discover that someone is out to stop him: Zuìgao, who is still alive, and still combat-capable. They enlist him for help, but discover the reason why he's not dead as they thought: he faked his own death and became a mercenary that travelled across the world and gained massive riches, and now that he has heard of Guanlong's attacks, he seeks to stop him and do what he wanted with him. However, everyone is doubly-shocked that Guanlong also displayed the Celestial Phoenix test, beat Zuìgao to near-death, and revived him as a new henchman. With the Celestial Phoenix of legend in the hands of a stronger Celestial Phoenix, how will our heroes be able to beat him? And most of all, will Pang be able to free her friend from his evil father's control?


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