The Lougers were forced to choose protacting the dwarfs from the cursed goblin zombies as Falconnerd contained the Sheild of Light. Regaurdless, the Lougers' reputations were not faulterd like when they failled to quickly disbanned the Dragon Army. While doing the right thing is a victory of itself, it was still heart breaking for Spyro not being able to prevent Falconnerd from grabbing the sheild. Already, Zonazra reveiled the next talesment: The Arrows of Justice, a sacred talesment to the elves of the elf planet Elfendorsa. The Arrows of Justice are used to punished criminals by the very orderly king Lord Elfhowser, along side his own object The Bow of Judgement, and will seek to punish any one guilty of a sin unless told otherwise by his beloved queen. Naterolly, Falconnerd wants the Arrows badly, and the Bow just for the sake of them actselly being useful as arrows. The Lougers must work to be able to convince Elfhowser to temporary loan his arrows to them to stop Falconnered. Elfhowser, however, told them that anything sacred to the elves doesn't just get loaned like a lawnmower that easily! To even borrow these sacred talesments must be won by a trail: Defeat The Ogre of the dark woods Kleanon, and bring him to justice. Now both Falconnerd and the Lougers are on a race to capture an Ogre.

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