Arwin Ave QuadPants
Vital statistics
Title Arwy
Gender Male
Race/Species Kitchen Zongue (Zonguia officinalis) x Hydrocabiais (Hydrocabiais halicolus)
Faction Clam Lounge Squadron
Description Cutesy, Bubbly, Carefree, Whiny, Tough, Risk-Taking
Skills and Abilities Naturally Amphibious, Naturally Resilient To Pain, Regenerative, Lessened Vitals, Webbed Feet, Scientific Intelligence
Status Not Born Yet
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Trunk Bottom, Oceonous (Birthplace)
Alignment Good
Arwin A. QuadPants is an Alternate UUniversal Zongue-Hydrocabiais from Planet Oceonous. He is the very misunderstood and tough-for-his-age child of ZongueBob and Sonny, and because of a rare mutation of early intelligence, Arwin is intelligent despite being newborn, and like his parents, he has a low growth span. He is also very smart in science and technology, and is like Stewie Griffin in personality, but is not evil and more good and supportive of his friends and family. The only one who knows about this is Siri, who thinks of him as a little brother. Being born near the days following Siri's ascension to the Aura Princess, Arwin was able to learn quickly for his age, is self-confident in his capabilities, and hopes to one day make his parents proud, as he feels he doesn't get taken seriously given his age and hybrid biology, as well as the fact that not many people could understand him. He learned martial arts, science, and many life skills by himself, and enjoys action cartoons, and he sometimes stows away without the Clam Loungers' knowledge and helps them behind the scenes without being seen, and also sometimes with the aid of Siri.


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