Master Stromge, A large muscular assassin with an unknown past. Whatever it was, he was made into a creature with a durable hide that can withstand various forms of firepower. He has been trained in 13 martial arts, and he has been among the toughest fighter in the Villains Act. However, when the Villains Act fell, he was sent to Oranos... However, he escaped, and withstood the cold due to having "A god's willpower" to litterally ignor it, and escaped by hi-jacking a ship! Now, Stromge, caring not for the fate of the VA, focuses on his true mission, reviving the fallen Darkness Brotherhood and reignit an assassin war against The Dark Sisterhood, espeically against his mother, a member of The High Sisters. Stromge only joined the VA to learn to become stronger, and found their conquest ambitions "childish and meaningless to the true plan of things" to get vengence against his anti-male corrupted mother and the rest of the High Sisters. An assassin war would be hazordious to the well-being of the universes, espeically to those targeted by either guild. The Lougers and Heroes Act must be forced to come between a mother and son's quarall before blood outside of feuding assassins get spilled.

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