Lara Sclater Otaki
Vital statistics
Title Senator Otaki (Formerly), Assistant Mayor Otaki
Gender Female
Race/Species Okapi (Okapia johnstoni)
Faction Zootopian City Hall
Description Hesitant About Predators, Grudge-Holding, Scared, Less Clumsy
Skills and Abilities Natural Okapi Abilities
Status Alive
Location Zootopia (Hometown)
Alignment Good

Assistant Mayor Lara S. Otaki is a Zootopian okapi born in Zootopia and gained a job as a Senator, and later on, after Assistant Mayor Bellwether was arrested for masterminding the Night-Howler Incident, she took her place as Assistant Mayor, and later proved a much more reliable and less-clumsy replacement for the early-released Mayor Leo Lionheart, and has a particularly nasty yet scared attitude in front of Senator Whyte Ty Ger, and was all but relieved when he was arrested for masterminding a corrupt anti-prey campaign called the UTAH bill involving illegal Tame Collar technology, and she herself chose her llama friend, Arbuckle Lloyd Llewellin, to replace him, preferring not to chose a predator to fill the position out of fear that that predator would repeat what Whyte tried to do, though not meaning it to sound speciest or that she has newfound distrust to predators, as suppose of her newfound worry that pred polotions might not be so reliable anymore. This being said, she still trusts Lionheart's word and leadership, proving that she's just conflicted about those not with the same mindset as the noble Lionheart.


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