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Wako Craig Crackerjack
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Vital statistics
Title Wack-Crackers
Gender Male
Race/Species Junker Remus (Remus junkimus)
Faction None
Description Crazy, Peter Lorre-esque Voice, Intelligently-Enhanced Unsentient Lab Animal, Power-Hungry Greedmonger
Skills and Abilities Master Intelligence and Engineering, Manipulative Trickster
Status Ethereally Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Junkah (Delta Universe, Abdephomis Sector, ZANZ0 System)
Alignment Independent

Wako C. Crackerjack, AKA Assistant Wack-Crackers, is an Alternate UUniversal Remus from Planet Junkah. He is a lizard-rat synapsid pest who had experimented on himself since the apocalypse Junkah suffered when he accident drunk intelligence elixir. This turned him from a normal unsentient lab creature that increased his lifespan and size, the ability to survive even gunshots, and even become half-Rombie, or robot zombie. With his intellect and power, he uncovered the planet's history on how it built a master machine to pluck souls dead for an infinite amount of time using the artificial Aethersphere, which looks like the real world but infested with the spirits of people, animals, and so on, in order to fix a collapsing government with the past. But because this technology was unable to catalog all dead souls, it malfunctioned and spread millions of souls into biomechanical robots built for the project and trigger an apocalyptic war. Everyone was destroyed and their souls became infused into these robots, driving them insane since a sentient mind aren't compatible with these machines, thus giving birth to the Rombies, who come in infinite forms and only kill for more souls to assimilate and/or to die trying. Wako saw this power as useful for his lust for power driven by his growing intelligence, but Dr. Rig O'Mortus took the device before him. So he offered himself as an assistant intent on stealing it's power for himself instead of using it to revive important historical figures from the past to fix the present. Soon he assimilates Rig and takes all his power, turning the Aethersphere Machine into a walking mobile fort that stole souls like it had before. Then TeTe Hellatrix kills him by tricking him into becoming one with the machine and losing himself to the infinite souls, imprisoning him forever.


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