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Astra Cosmofly
Astra Cosmofly.png
Vital statistics
Title Star Butterfly (Birth Name), Spacefly, AUU Star Butterfly
Gender Female
Race/Species Astaman (Formerly Mewman)
Faction Gitty and Hyperactive Adventurer, Magical Fighter
Description Hyperactive, Cute, Naive, Grudging at Times, Mood Swings, Careless, Charming, Cartoonishly Zany
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Powerful Magic, Large Insectoid Wings, Can Breath In Space, Speaks to Astrofauna, Good Physical Combat
Status Alive
Location Mewni (Alternate Timeline, Home Dimension)

Alternate UUniverses

  • Astri (Eta Universe, Eta Core Sector, Vacuo Nebula) (Foster Home)
Alignment Good

Astra Cosmofly, birthname Star Butterfly, is a Mewman from an alternate timeline of Mewni. Her only visual difference from Star is that she inherited her mother's white hair. But she was cast out of her Mewni because her timeline turned out differently. In her timeline, Queen Moon didn't go to Queen Eclipsa for her Nameless Spell and only stripped Toffee of his Antithaumite essence. But because it wasn't as strong as the Nameless Spell, he regenerated from the damage and the monsters did not take her actions seriously, forcing her to retreat and look like a coward. Toffee came to be more moral in his pursuits without the Antithaumite to corrupt him, and his invasion was successful, destroying Butterfly Castle and exiling Mewmans into what would've been New M'onstrarus, leaving them to a mostly uncertain fate other than the expectation that they were nabbed by a hive of Wipers assigned to Mewmans. Mewni was no more and Toffee was declared a war hero. But Moon had her daughter sent to another dimension. She was meant to go into Mewni of the Main Timeline, but ended up being brought accidentally to the Main timeline of the Alternate UUniverses where she was raised by the Vaxies, space fairies that live in nebulas. Astra was raised in the Vacuo Nebula by Hellana, a mage in training who was xenophobic of cosmonauts since her family was killed by them. Astra grew up a magical space-faring adventurer just like Star. But when Star destroyed the Realm of Magic, it resulted in circumstances where she got into a heated debate with her mother about saving an astrophobic son of a famous cosmonaut, named Mako Sagan, and she accidentally used the last available magic to cast herself far away from home never to return with Mako upon learning she was adopted and being fed up with her strictness and xenophobia. She learns about Star Butterfly's actions on magic, and seeks revenge on her, blaming her for being lost. But when they almost kill each other, they are told the truth by the Time Councilor Kronunos, the replacement for Omnitraxus Prime in terms of time-related affairs, that they were both set up by Dark Starmapper, who caused Hellana's xenophobia and sucked Mako's starship into a black hole, just as a plan to take over space. Astra learns of the events of her home timeline and she and Star decide to take down Starmapper using a paradox that eliminates Hellana's xenophobia by preventing Starmapper's rival, the beamfly Mage Lyght, from ever leaving, thus preventing Hellena's death by cosmonaut. After reuniting Mako with his father and helping him recover his crew, Astra has since been on adventures with Mako, who is secretly in love with her, while also defeating Toffee and managing to alter the history of her own New Mewni, now called Astri, and make the Mewmans into an original race of space-faring greatly-powerful beings called Astamans, while making the Bestiarans muties (AUU multiform mutant-like trolls), while also altering her own history to being an equivalent of Star with a different family geneaology and history to the original, after admitting feeling shame for being one of infinite Star Butterflies of the timelines.


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Astra has much of the same abilities as Star, with a few exceptions. Raised as one of a space-faring fairy race has allowed her to not only breath in the vacuum of space, but she can fly at hyperspace. This allows her to fly as her own spaceship and even fly inside black holes and out. She also has her own array of magic spells that she can use without a wand. Many of them are similar to Star's trademark spells.

  • Accretion Disk Shuriken Launch- Launches small disks of plasma that can cut through anything.
  • Aerocephalopod Jet Storm- A spell that launches a barrage of aerocephalopods (starfighter-shaped Space cephalopods) at a target like missiles.
  • Aeropoid Airblow- A spell summoning an aeropoid (balloon-like space jellyfish-octopus) to act as a fan or to blow away her opponents.
  • Alien Mutation Blast- A spell that mutates people into random alien genetics.
  • Amazing Death Ray Cannon- Astra’s own version of Star’s Shimmering Destructo Cannon that summons cartoonishly large and detailed blaster cannons.
  • Antigravity Burst- A spell that can negate gravity in many ways in one single area for as long as Astra wants. This spell is handy on worlds with the strongest gravity.
  • Astrrog Blast- Capable of summoning a magical astrrog (AUU space whale) that can be used as maximum destruction or as an additional aid for those in the vacuum of space as a handy makeshift spaceship.
  • Big Bang Blast- Another spell Astra prefers to use as a last resort, as it is more powerful than her Nova Blast by 100000x, and capable of destroying any celestial body.
  • Big Chill Blower- A spell that can deliver an instant freeze onto anything, but Astra rarely uses it since the effects are next to fatal.
  • Big Crunch Wave- A blast of energy that causes people to collapse on themselves, and though they don’t die, they feel every ounce of pain. This can be used to destroy any weapon or object, but it can also be used for torture, which Astra rarely uses it for.
  • Big Rip Burst- A spell that can annihilate anything to the atomic level.
  • Black Hole- Astra's own version of Star's Mystic Suck Portal, capable of sucking people into a rift that can send them anywhere, and even serve like a penal pocket dimension to store her enemies.
  • Blazing Blazar Blast- A spell which creates a massive burst of energetic incendiary plasma.
  • Cellumorph Bubble Blow- Astra's own version of Star's Bulla Spiro, capable of making a cell-like bubble that provides air for those who can't breath underwater or in space.
  • Censormatter Cloud- A spell of dark matter that censors whatever needs to be censored such as nudity and vulgar language.
  • Chromosphere Aurora Flash- A magic spell that can produce a burst of colors, space dust, and magical effects based of the vision of the user.
  • Comet Punch- Astra's own version of Star's Rainbow Fist Punch, capable of launching fist-shaped comets from Astra's arms.
  • Constellation Stampede- Astra’s own version of Star’s Warnicorn Stampede which can summon creatures based on constellations in a powerful stampede.
  • Cosmic Storm Cloud- Astra’s own version of Star’s Summoning Cloudy Charm that summons a living and cheery cosmic storm cloud that doesn’t serve as added flight, but as a storm-based shield protecting her literally with weather. It serves other non-offensive uses like raining anything Astra wants.
  • Cosmofly Shredder Blast- A spell that launches cosmoflies, cosmic jellyfish-like butterflies, that have sharp wings which can shred through anything, as well as fly at top speeds.
  • Crater Serpent Strike- Astra’s own version of Star’s Emerald Snake Strike that strikes an opponent with crater serpents, which despite the name, are actually asteroid-dwelling space worms with poisonous bites.
  • Crystal Shard Attack- Astra’s own version of Star’s Dagger Crystal Heart Attack that launches sharp crystal shards at her targets.
  • Darkmatter Shroud- An invisibility spell.
  • Discostar Burst- A spell that summons one or more miniature stars that can come in many different colors to resemble a disco ball or a strobe light while also generating its own music.
  • Electromagnetic Pulsar- A spell that creates a miniature pulsar that emits EMPs, which disable electronics.
  • Flashbang Star Grenade- A spell that creates a star that can burst multiple times like a flashbang.
  • Fuzzy Balls of Doom- A spell that summons adorable tribble-like alien fluff balls that can do anything monstrous.
  • Glittering Whule Battering Ram- Astra's own version of Star's Glittering Whale Battering Ram, capable of firing a giant whule (AUU whale) at her target.
  • Gravaloon Air Mine- A ground-to-air spell that launches gravaloons (living hydrogen-filled space planimals that float up in space) which home in on targets and explode upon impact.
  • Gravity Hop Wave- A spell that allows Astra or anyone else to have weaker gravitational force or can be used to launch them into space.
  • Hallucination Nebula- Astra's own version of Star's Jellybean Hallucination Mist, capable of summoning a small nebula that can induce hallucinations on the one it affects.
  • Heath Death Ray- A spell that unleashes a superheated beam of energy.
  • Heavy Vacuumorph Cannon- A spell that launches one or more vacuumorphs (eight-legged shelled spider-like dexterous creatures who live drifting in space) which can strike with tremendous force.
  • Hypernova Blast- A version of the Nova Blast that is 100x more powerful and one that Astra prefers to use as a last resort, as it is a nuclear-powered blast capable of wiping miles of land.
  • Hyperspace Beam- A spell that allows Astra and friends to travel at lightspeed, something that Astra can do without a spell, but others can't.
  • Laser Lasso- Astra’s own version of Star’s Raspberry Ribbon Lasso that lets out a rope made of lasers that can be used to attach or grapple onto objects or people.
  • Laser Lightning Lance- A spell that launches lances made from lasers.
  • Laserlight Strobe Star- A non-offensive spell that creates stars capable of performing laser light shows.
  • Laser Web Trap- A spell that creates a spider’s web made of lasers which can be used as a barrier.
  • Magnetar Beam- A magnetic beam that sucks in anything near it, and can be narrowed into Astra’s hands to pull in an opponent.
  • Meteor Shower- A spell that launches small but extremely heavy meteors.
  • Multifang With A Spacehat- Astra’s own version of Spider With A Tophat. He is a multifang spider which also started out as an entertainment spell she last used at age 8 and became capable of popping I finite types of laser guns and weapons from him.
  • Nebulafish Tsunami- Astra’s own version of Starfish Tsunami that summons a tidal wave of cosmicium filled with nebulafish (ghost-like space fish).
  • Nova Blast- A very powerful explosive spell Astra uses to clear up entire armies.
  • Octropoid Grasp- A spell that summons octropoids (cephalopods that inhabit small asteroids) and can help for spying, sticky grenades, grasping someone by the head, or as an ink bomb.
  • Orbital Lock Blast- A spell that locks someone in a levitating rotation and has a tendency to cause motion sickness.
  • Panspermia Panzerfaust- A spell that blasts a rock and creates hostile or helpful alien life on impact.
  • Plasma Thrower- A spell version of a plasma thrower, or an AUU flamethrower that fires plasma, which is like fire, and can be used underwater.
  • Plasmoshock- A spell which summons a powerful plasma ball orb that shocks people within proximity of it.
  • Protection Blast- A bubble shield that encompasses her and other friends inside. However it doesn't protect them from everything.
  • Protoplasmic Jelly Blast- A spell that summons a blue mass of gelatinous and indestructible alien goo used to trap enemies.
  • Pulsar Light Flash- A spell that blinds her opponent with a pulsar of bright lights.
  • Quantum Freeze- A spell that stops her target's quantum perception and their soul's lock on quantum physics, making them literally freeze in place.
  • Quarkfly Tornado Swarm- Astra’s own variant of Star’s Honeybee Tornado Swarm that summons a massive swarm of quarkflies, which are eusocial space zees (AUU bees) that are known to eat space dust and convert it into an extremely sweet honey, but also have stingers that are not only potent with cosmicium-based venom, but are also unbarbed, allowing them to sting multiple times without dying.
  • Quasar Mega Blast- A powerful spell that unleashes superheated gas from space through one or more black holes.
  • Razor Ring Evisceration- A spell that summons planetary rings of different sizes, which are razor sharp and can cut through anything.
  • Rocket Blast- A spell that fires straightforward firework rockets. It can be used for either an offense or as a firework display.
  • Shipray Starfighter- Summons a shipray that allows Astra to fight like a starfighter and fire offensive spells.
  • Shockwave Pulse- A spell that unleashes a wave of kinetic energy that allows her to push enemies away or free herself from restraints.
  • Shooting Star Launcher- Astra’s own version of Star’s Shooting Star Explosion which fires comets that explode on impact.
  • Smarwhal Blast- Astra's own version of Star's Narwhal Blast, capable of firing smarwhals (AUU narwhals) at her target.
  • Solapod Shine- A spell that can be used to see in the dark by producing dozens of floating solapods (a floating anaerobic plant pod that can communicate to each other with lights) that can also serve as a searchlight, a blinding weapon, or produce bioluminescent spores for a light display.
  • Solar Windstorm- A spell that unleashes solar wind that can incinerate anything it hits.
  • Spacecold Blower- Astra's own version of Star's Winterstorm, capable of freezing anyone with a blizzard of temperatures just like that of the cold of space, even capable of freezing one's body gravely like liquid nitrogen.
  • Spaceshark Feeding Frenzy- A spell that unleashes a massive pack of spacesharks which can rip apart anyone in an instant.
  • Spacetime Fabric Net- A net literally made from the fabric of spacetime which Astra can use to catch opponents.
  • Star Cluster Storm- A spell that rains star bombs down from the sky for a limited amount of time.
  • Starfire Grenade- A spell that launches a flurry of mini star-like explosive orb projectiles.
  • Starsquid Tentacle Snare- A spell that summons a massive amount of starsquid tentacles that can ensnare and tangle anyone, immobilizing them.
  • Superflare- A powerful blast of plasma that Astra can use as a powerful offensive blast.
  • Supernova Blast- A much more powerful version of Astra's Nova blast that can wipe out 5x as much, and Astra prefers to use this when needed.
  • Super Plasma Spacxin Slap- Astra’s own variant of Star’s Super Rainbow Dolphin Slap which unleashes spacxins (space dolphins) in an offensive blast.
  • Super Shipsucker Blast- A spell that summons shipsuckers (barnacle-like space mollusks that stick to astrrogs or spaceships) that can be used as tracking devices, EMPs, electroshock, tranquilizers, and explosives.
  • Super Stinging Jellen Bloom- A spell that launches space jellens (AUU jellyfish) at her targets, with extremely painful stings.
  • Teleport Safety Blast- A beaming spell that allows her and others to teleport to a safe location for a quick retreat.
  • Terraform Blast- A spell that causes the target to have alien life of random forms growing all over them, inducing sickness or other effects.
  • Thermal Grub Detonator- Astra's own version of Star's Supersonic Leech Bombs, capable of launching grubs that explode like powerful thermal detonators.
  • Thruster Jump- A spell that, unlike the Gravity Hop Wave, is just a small jump for low-altitude targets.
  • Tractor Tether Beam- A spell that creates a tractor beam capable of levitation and summoning.
  • Ultra Flying Obliteration- A spell that summons powerful miniature UFOs that blast and annoy people or protect the user.
  • Ultranuclear Wisp Blast- Astra's own version of Star's Thermonuclear Butterfly Blast, and a very powerful spell that allows her to unleash a powerful burst of wispfish on her target.
  • Volcanic Eruption Cannon- A spell that unleashes lava and fireballs at the target.
  • Warpwing Flash Jump- A spell that allows Astra to flash herself forward in time like Tracer’s Blink ability as an astral warpwing.
  • White Hole- The opposite of Astra's Black Hole that can free anyone from danger, but only on a limited degree as she must be on the planet of one's location for it to work.
  • Wormhole Worm Blast- A spell that summons a powerful worm monster from a wormhole.