Astra Cosmofly
Astra Cosmofly
Vital statistics
Title Star Butterfly (Birth Name), Spacefly, AUU Star Butterfly
Gender Female
Race/Species Mewman
Faction Gitty and Hyperactive Adventurer, Magical Fighter
Description Hyperactive, Cute, Naive, Grudging at Times, Mood Swings, Careless, Charming, Cartoonishly Zany
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Powerful Magic, Large Insectoid Wings, Can Breath In Space, Speaks to Astrofauna, Good Physical Combat
Status Alive
Location Mewni (Alternate Timeline, Home Dimension)

Alternate UUniverses

  • Vacuo Nebula (Unknown Location) (Foster Home)
Alignment Good
Astra Cosmofly, birthname Star Butterfly, is a Mewman from an alternate timeline of Mewni. Her only visual difference from Star is that she inherited her mother's white hair. But she was cast out of her Mewni because her timeline turned out differently. In her timeline, Queen Moon didn't go to Queen Eclipsa for her Nameless Spell and only stripped Toffee of his Antithaumite essence. But because it wasn't as strong as the Nameless Spell, he regenerated from the damage and the monsters did not take her actions seriously, forcing her to retreat and look like a coward. Toffee came to be more moral in his pursuits without the Antithaumite to corrupt him, and his invasion was successful, destroying Butterfly Castle and exiling Mewmans into what would've been New M'onstrarus, leaving them to a mostly uncertain fate other than the exceptation that they were nabbed by a hive of Wipers assigned to Mewmans. Mewni was no more and Toffee was declared a war hero. But Moon had her daughter sent to another dimension. She was meant to go into Mewni of the Main Timeline, but ended up being brought accsidently to the Main timeline of the Alternate UUniverses where she was raised by the Vaxies, space fairies that live in nebulas. Astra was raised in the Vacuo Nebula by Hellana, a mage in training who was xenophobic of cosmonauts since her family was killed by them. Astra grew up a magical space-faring adventurer just like Star. But when Star destroyed the Realm of Magic, it resulted in circumstances where she got into a heated debate with her mother about saving an astrophobic son of a famous cosmonaut, named Mako Sagan, and she accidentally used the last available magic to cast herself far away from home never to return with Mako upon learning she was adopted and being fed up with her strictness and xenophobia. She learns about Star Butterfly's actions on magic, and seeks revenge on her, blaming her for being lost. But when they almost kill each other, they are told the truth by the Time Counciler Kronunos, the replacement for Omnitraxus Prime, that they were both set up by Dark Starmapper, who caused Hellana's xenophobia and sucked Mako's starship into a black hole, just as a plan to take over space. Astra learns of the events of her home timeline and she and Star decide to take down Starmapper using a paradox that eliminates Hellana's xenophobia by preventing Starmapper's rival, the beamfly Mage Lyght, from ever leaving, thus preventing Hellena's death by cosmonaut. After reuniting Mako with his father and helping him recover his crew, Astra has since been on adventures with Mako, who is secretly in love with her.


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