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Adam Lee Tenn
Vital statistics
Title Atomo
Gender Male
Race/Species Littid
Faction Loyally Neutral
Description Often Impulsive, Determined, Opinionated
Skills and Abilities Size Manipulation, Combat Skill
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Toion (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Tois-Freek System) (Homeworld and Current Residence)
Alignment Neutral Good

Adam Lee Tenn, codename Atomo, is an Alternate UUniversal Littid from Planet Toion. He hails from an insectoid race that perfected shrinking technology when it was problematic before because of reassembling and altering the matter and biology of the subject to keep them the same, problematic communication, and air molecules being too large for respiration. Adam used a size-manipulating EVO suit that was among the earliest pieces of resizing technology which used a quantum field to bypass these problems, and was thus able to shrink and also retain the same physical strength, speed, and stamina as his normal size, to become a vigilante who had nothing better to do with his life since he had little to no life. He eventually earned praise after preventing The United Usurpation Force leading commander General Atomsmash from striking several Union of Independent Systems planets and a would've been great extinction of UIS with illegal Meteor Missiles, and chasing UUF activity off the planet, which subsiquintly killed UUF enfluence and lead to the missles destruction by the hands of UIS under Grandmind's orders, seeing a danger in the missles worse then RAPTURE and even Astro Lasers can ever provide, not just for UIS, but for the entire universes. He has since been a neutral hero for his own people and supporting both the UIS and USRA, seeing nothing bad in either side, but not the UUF for Atomsmash's acts of terrorism. He has the combined theme of Atom Ant, Ant Man, and DC Atom.


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