In the midsts of UIS and The USRA races getting along alittle better, the Atonts made a bold move of hosting peace talks with their former slavers, the Cordensians. A race of Rhinosaurus Beetle/Stag Beetle/Hercules Beetle/Golith Beetle eqsed race. A powerful bulky beetle race that, while the size of average beetles, they have tec that is not to be laughed at. In the days before the Atonts even wanted to join the USRA, they were once subservent to the Cordensians serving their whims. But then the USRA came to the Atonts' rescue and defeated the Cordensians. The mighty Teadr 2 race has never been so humiliated by this. With the Atonts free, the Cordensians swore to restore their order on them. UIS managed to earn their trust barely to have their aide, though a great blockade already exists before joining as the Cordensians are always a private sort, now the blockade serves as a block out to now isolated systems. The attempt started out rocky, but the Cordensians admired the Atonts noble attempts to even try and desided to at least humor them to see where it goes. However, an extreme Atont rights group, known as the Atonts Have Valuement Group, a group infmaous of distributing mistrust against the Cordensians and to never forgive them for what they had done. Thus, the Lougers and HA were asked to come in and pasify the group to calm down and see that the Cordensians are willing to put grieviences behind and move on. But unfortunately, a certain ex-atont general, Clail-Oxide, once again aims to cause trouble in the name of his agenda and frame both the Cordensians and the A.H.V. of savatoshing eachother, risking a new cordensian war! However, thankfully, Jass, Slebev, Sha-She, and his former loyal elite, quickly smelled a rat in the making, and now they must put Clail in his place before the war could happen.

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