Cassina Major. The Homeworld of the farmer race, Potato-Bug-Eqsed Afhid-like creatures that are master farmers and horoculturalists, called the Cassmites. However, the Cassmites were once heavily subugated by the Xuruns in wanting to capitalise on their farmer skills pre-USRA joining days back when the Xuruns were at an era were they were not a considerable improvement from the Byzans. But the Cassmites hosted a revolution against the Xuruns, yet never succeeded to fight them back off. It wasn't when the UIS was founded for some time now that the Cassmites finally were able to chase away Xurun enslavement, and thus, the Casssina system became high UIS supporters. Being Teadr 4, the Cassmites offer little ability to offer an effective blockade, hence why UIS colonised their moon and created a forcefiled surrounding the exit torwords the isolated worlds. However, with a noticeable trend of UIS and the USRA having better relations, The Xuruns desided to take this oppertunity to offer the Cassmites their long over-due apologies and want to offer a peace jubilee to start a new path to friendship. Fortunately for the Xuruns, the Cassmites were humble and forgiving sorts and invited the Xuruns to their annual farmer's carnival as proof that there are no hard feelings on top of a promised jubilee. However, this earned the irre of Cassmites not so forgiving, a group of them known as The Shunned Ones, a group of exiled Cassmites that dared mocked their peaceful ways and/or questioned the decidion of being UIS' primary food providers while not doing the same for the USRA, deeming the idea of breaking free from Xurun control hypocritical, even more so that they accepted their apology. They plotted the perfect revenge, bringing in the Killfruits of the isolated systems ruled by flesh-eating fruits and veggies and have the creatures ruin the events. And with aide from the returning Hagro, that would occure, along with the fact that Madam President is usually gifted an annual Giant Best Grown Sharrot as with Cassmite tradtion, with Hagro aiming to have it replaced with a giant killer Sharrot that would devour her whole, aiming to have UIS disbanned through her death and desistate UIS enough with disoray and disorganisation that even Grand Mind can't fix. However, Hagro didn't counted on the HA and the Lougers being invited to attend thanks to the Grand Council and the leaders of the USRA races joining in the celebration now being interupted by food that bites back! Can our heroes stop a reversed harvest and reap up some good ol' fastioned justice onto some no good pests?

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