Nysteria Marron Snowden
Vital statistics
Title Attractress
Gender Female
Race/Species Vellan
Faction Independent Criminal Mastermind
Description Personal Disappointment for her race's standerds.
Skills and Abilities Natural Ability to Change Color, Texture, and Biological Features, Good Dancing Skills, Fights Well, Acrobatic Skills, Deceptively Ingenius, Dance Skills, Seductive Skill (Though not particularly proud of it), Good Singer, Excellent Impressionist and Master of Disguise, Genius, Self-Defense Pistols And Hallucinogenic Gas Bombs
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Vella (Location coming soon...) (Homeworld, Current Residence)
Alignment Criminalistic Anti-Villain

Lady Nysteria M. Snowden, AKA The Attractress, is an Alternate UUniversal Vellan from Planet Vella. She is a known critic of her race's way of life, which lead to problems of prositution by other races, even rape crimes, to the point that she felt that their own one gender existence is ruining their credability as a legit race. As a result, she turned to crime, and allied herself with an infamous illegit tec collector, Fatso The Fatass, to collect tec capable of changing someone into any other race, even to races that aren't known for more then one gender, which includes Vellans. She figured by creating male vellans, her race would stop "wasting their lives and bodies" on trival persuits and start acting like a real race, not a glorifived wet dream made real. She made herself infamous for her hundreds of identities as random, as disguise is very easy for her considering her race's natural ability to change color, texture, and many other biological features. With costumes and clothes, this ability to change identities makes her mastery complete. She also had several robotic followers to do petty crimes like theft and robbery to finance her experiments, even that Fatso was a very expensive fat fuck. She was very close to finally atthiving her desires to turn the Vellans into "A real race", until she was arrested for more crimes then what can be able to be properly recorded and imprisoned for a substantial amount of years until she later breaks out with help from her bot servants. A part of being deceptively smart dispite looking like a dumb bimbo, she is a good dancer, singer, seducer, though that part she's not the most proud of as she hates indulging in "such degrading actions that ruined [her] race to begin with", and even deems herself to be a hypocrite for doing it, even for so much as to get out of a bad scrape, and would not lose any sleep if she would enjoy retiring such "nonsense" once she makes her people "A proper race" and not "the sexual innuendo jokes of socity".


Coming soon...

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