Aurora Bori and Alice

Left to Right: Aurora, Bori, and Alice

Aurora, Bori, and Alice, AKA the Gift Givers of the Grove, are Equestrian reindeer that appear in the MLP special The Best Gift Ever. They are magical reindeer that are magically psychic as Aurora is retrocognitive and can know gifts already given, Alice is precognitive and can know gifts that will be given, and Bori is knowledgeable of the present and keeps the two in line. Pinkie Pie meets them in order to find the perfect gift for Twilight as recommended by Prince Rutherford.

Role in the series

The three are from the land of Rangifia, the polar homeland of reindeer and caribou in Cervia. Rangifia is the renowned residence of the Hearth's Reindeer, giving magical reindeer which is essentially a race of Santa's reindeer and the ones that gave Hearth's Warming it's Christmas themes. These three have been known as the daughters of the previous head of the Hearth's Reindeer Workshop, Hearth Grove, as they are different ages because of the magic the family possess. They eventually moved on to become their own gift givers which is what named them the Gift Givers of the Grove. Though the trio are tecnecally classifived as hybrids between the original even more powerful and taller reindeer and ponies, and yet like pure hippogriffs, interbreeding for generations made them a new breed of reindeer.

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