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Aurora (Right Picture)

Aurora is an old-era Equestrian pure hippogriff-seapony hybrid and the original owner of the Amulet of Aurora, a relic currently residing in the School of Friendship under the watch of Professor Spoonful, which was made of azurantium and was capable of controlling water tides and summoning tsunamis, which Aurora used to fight against Squirk eons ago.

Role in the series

Though Aurora is one of the many ancient interracial friends of Vibe Idol that helped in her journey of redemption, she is also one of the friends that have died of old age. But her spirit still exists in her relic that can only be awakened by her daemon friend, Hygeia Wave, one of Vibe's daemon companions that she met in a rejuvenating geyser called the Lazarus Geyser that restored the health she lost when trying to save her family from Squirk. This allowed her to finish where she started and created the Amulet of Aurora and the two became close until their relationship drew in Vibe and made them friends. Her hippogriff magical ability is water manipulation, which is the same power her Amulet offers as she learned to use them without it.

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