Austria Dunston Pith
Vital statistics
Title Ultimate Protector
Gender Male
Race/Species Australopithecus afarensis
Faction Dinosica
Description Long Deceased, Wise, Skillful Combatant
Skills and Abilities Natural Primate Abilities
Status Long Deceased
Location Zootopian World
  • Rift Valley (Borderland of Dinosica) (Pre-Tragedy Residence)
  • Dinosica (Post-Tragedy Residence, Burial Place)
Alignment Good
Austria D. Pith was a Zootopian Australopithecus who lived during the days in the Zootopian world in which they evolved, and his tragic life is precisely why humans never evolved on Zootopia. He's the only one of his spieces due to the fact the primate spieces otherwise never prodused an ape line capable of humans, making Austria an anomamly. He served as guardians for the prehistoric world and later the underground society of Dinosica, and did it well. However, the first remnants of the Evolutionaries in the form of aggressive lower animals, with lower intelligence, saw  Ausrtia's anominal to Zootopia's world's nature as a threat to animal existence, coming in and threatened their lives, and thus Austria and his friends took it upon themselves to defend the last bastion of prehistoric wildlife that formed during the Precambrian that would soon be known as Dinosica since they nearly wiped them out before. Austria went with his Gigantopithecus friend Koenigswald, to offer hope for the world that was slowly being changed by the Evolutionaries that were evolving through the stolen secrets of what was refered to as the Primal Chain Animals. With Austria dying later, his society of Dinosica still lived isolated for eons. Austria was a parallel and possible ancestor to Orangu Tanger who, despite not founding Dinosica, reintroduced to them the concept of Night Howlers and Day Dreamers, and died leaving his legacy to make him one of the sole icons of the place.


Austria was born in Rift Valley as the first and only Australopithecus in the world of Zootopia, as his Paranthropus parents were then slain by an Evolutionary barbarian named Pierce, a terror bird just as cruel and murderous as Fagin. He was thus raised in the wild by a Gigantopithecus family with a nurturing mother and a father who saw him as a freak. When Austria grew 8, Pierce, known for being a persistent warrior, found him and killed and ate his entire adopted family looking for him, save his best friend Koeningswald, who escaped with him into the forbidden savannah to get away from the murderous terror bird.

Now alone with Koeningswald as his bodyguard, Austria traveled the world, meeting new friends including a Dinopithecus named Screeche who's cunning and traps made him some whom you shouldn't turn your back on, a Bunopithecus martial artist named Monk Fu, and an intelligent Paranthropus named Wilfred Paras who had studied the Day Dreamers and Night Howlers since his family in the Primal Chain Animals died out. Austria became fascinated that this was what his family was protecting from the people Pierce was serving, and swore to ensure that someone in the future would protect it. All the while, he kept many people safe from Pierce, who was still ravaging the territory looking for Austria. (TBC...)

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