Autumn Blaze

Autumn Blaze (Vector by digimonlover101)

Autumn Blaze is an Equestrian kirin that lives in the Kirin Village in the Peaks of Peril.


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Role in the series

It's revealed in the SAFA Chronicles series that the Kirin, including Autumn, are the purified version of the Qilin, or dragon-unicorns, both born from interbreeding ponies and dragons, while the Kirin were descended from generations of interbreeding like the hippogriffs from Mount Aris, and they had the ability to breath magic fire and their emotions are destructive and manifest through their own magic, as there's more than one nirik form based entirely on extreme emotion. The Qilin and Kirin are both native to the land of Xiaomia, which is a Chinese land accessible through Kirin Grove and the village in the Peaks of Peril, including Autumn Blaze and Rain Shine, are descended from ancient guardians of the Grand Wall that borders Xiaomia.

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