Vital statistics
Title MTU-558 (Villains Act Name), Avatar, 558, A-558
Gender Genderless (Male-Tone)
Race/Species Magma Trooper Starbot
Faction General Grosvenor's Army (Formerly)

The Bounty Hunter Consortium

Description Robotic, Rebuilt and Reprogrammed To Be A Bounty Hunter
Skills and Abilities Martial Arts, Titanium-Uranium Alloy Composition, Holographic Disguise, Advanced Weaponry, Energy Staff, Beholder Spaceship
Status Functional and Fighting
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Starbot Factory AS-25693, Nimboo (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Azton System) (Birthplace)
  • Maroon Circuit, Narene (Theta Universe, Theta Core Sector, Jargassa System) (Current Residence)
Alignment Antihero

Avatar-558 is an Alternate UUniversal Magma Trooper Starbot who works for The Bounty Hunter Consortium as it's first robot bounty hunter. Being a Starbot Magma Trooper, it formerly served for General Grosvenor in a battle against the Nimboo Rebellion. But it was one of the many casualties that occurred in that battle. When the Villains Act ended, Lik-Lick Tick Blick retrieved it wishing for an actual robot bounty hunter. So with a few upgrades on it and it's weapons, it was programmed to become a perfect bounty hunter. Because it is a robot, it has no need for money or resources, and instead shares the bounty with the other bounty hunters, as long as he/she does good, using his calculative brain to split it. He flies across the AUU on it's spaceship the Beholder.


Avatar-558 was originally named MTU-558, and was one of General Grosvenor's many Magma-Trooper fighters that was born from a Starbot Factory on Planet Nimboo. For over 4 years, 558 was a loyal fighter against the forces of the Nimboo Rebellion for the cause of the Villains Act's control over Nimboo. Then came his very last battle in 2005, when he was one of the many casualties that occurred when the Nimboo Rebellion thwarted Grosvenor's attempt to install an astro-laser grid to scare all the rebellions into surrendering under threat of destroying the planet. 558 was thrown into the Nimboo Robot Graveyard where it remained since after the fall of the Villains Act.

In 2011, when the AUU was still recovering from the Villains Act's takeover, Lik-Lick had been scouting Nimboo's Robot Graveyard after getting an idea so 'crazy', it just might work: create a robot bounty hunter. So he had found 558 in the Robot Graveyard, and was happy that it was partially in full-condition, and could easily be repaired. However, by doing this, he was briefly targeted and authorities intended to arrest him for grave-robbing and stealing contraband machinery. He was able to escape, and took 558 to the Maroon Circuit, where maintenance robots started tinkering with 558 and it's programming. The result was a robot much stronger than an average Magma Trooper: Avatar-558, named after the picture in Lik-Lick's Omninet Avatar picture being a Magma-Trooper.

Avatar's programming was changed into serving as a full-time bounty hunter, and the first robot bounty hunter in the Consortium. Avatar was improved with it's old combat skills, and was given a much easier weapon: an energy staff with a thermal blade tip. It was also given much more improvements that made it more unique. Because it required no natural resources like food, water, or shelter, it had no need for money, and the bounties it collected were given to the other bounty hunters as long as they were doing well.


As a former Magma Trooper, Avatar-558 has the skills of one, being programmed with 3 martial arts skills: Voin Onu (An Ustraoian version of Kung Fu), Aroe Tao (A Zoian martial art that specializes in an advanced form of combatting even the most powerful of machines), and Sebu Aii (A Crinathashan pressure-point martial art requiring accuracy and concentration), and is incredibly skilled in a pole weapon. While upgraded, Avatar was programmed with one more martial art: Uoxe Rao (A Juluwese martial art that specializes in gymnastics, balance, and pressuring an opponent), and was given a new kind of pole weapon with only one energy blade, useful for jabbing and quick strikes.

Other improvements that Avatar had acquired is it's metal composition from the Magma Troopers' common aluminum alloy to a titanium-uranium alloy, which makes for easier defense. It also obtained a holographic disguise that allows him to disguise his identity even to it's employers, an M90A Pulse Pistol, several cluster bombs stored in a compartment in it's chest, a grappling hook, a hacking device, and some mini-probes for aerial surveillance.

Avatar flies a spaceship called the Beholder. This ship is armored with the same titanium-uranium alloy that Avatar is composed of. It is propelled through 10 fusion thrusters that are powered by 2 hydrogen fuel cells that are very dangerous when taking extensive damage. The ship is protected with a double-powered deflector shield, and it is armed with 4 railgun cannons and 2 heat-seeking missile launchers. The ship is entirely electric and requires charging after every space travel.

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