Councilwoman Lotus of the AUU Grand Council has went out one day against the rest of the Council's wishes to go to the Planet Vadrozume, where she recently discovered is the hiding place of the one responsible for the bioterrorist attack that destroyed her home on Qaclite during the Villains Act and got her into the Council, Chuck Le Poi-Son. Though Lotus has been told multiple times by even Qui that Chuck essentially retired from evil since the Villains Act's fall as Chuck saw no point in being evil anymore since it would be pointless now the Heroes Act will start to become stronger without the VA restoring villain growth, she still disbelieves this, believing he went to Vadrozume to concoct more poisonous death. When the Council fears that she's out to get revenge, they contact the mayor of Vadrozume, Mayor Nick Geoosteus, that she is coming in all her best combat gear for Chuck, and while they're getting prepared, they contacted the Heroes Act and Shell Lodgers to stop her. However, what even Chuck doesn't know is that there is someone on Vadrozume of major concern that even wants to kill Lotus because of being a Qaclitian terrorist Vrat lord named Vrat-Attack, who has tricked Chuck into making his adopted son, a very skilled Vombeak named Mercenary Vomblime, his top bodyguard, and against Chuck's orders, just follow his adopted father's advice and just flat-out assassinate Lotus. Can the Lodgers and the Heroes Act make Lotus realize that revenge will make her no better than Chuck who seeks redemption and to repent before she makes the mistake that'll ruin her life forever, and more than that as it might be her end?

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