Avery Thomson Greene
Avery Greene
Vital statistics
Title Greene, Poi-Son's Heroic Icon, Avery T, Test Subject PX13.
Gender Male
Race/Species Carolina Anole (Anolis carolinensis)
Faction Poi-Son Defense Force
Description Mutated, Bold, Tough, Unrelenting
Skills and Abilities Enhanced Healing Factor, Increased Lifespan, Martial Arts
Status Alive and Defending
Location Poi-Son
  • Tsider Village (Hometown)
  • Oakheart (Current Residence)
Alignment Good
Avery T. Greene is a Carolina anole from Poi-Son who was an old test subject of Hank the Mutant Frog, given a serum that augmented his regenerative healing factor, making him heal more rapidly, repair bones, and even extend his lifespan. However, it backfired on Hank as Avery escaped and became an iconic figure for survival on Poi-Son during Hank's reign. When Hank fell, Avery founded Poi-Son's global police force to fight off against any future overlord events. He has partaken in many fights for justice with the use of what little technology was used by the 64% of communities on Poi-Son that used it. He even keeps the leotard that he wore when in Hank's captivity as a good suit for swimming and fighting, always wearing it underneath his public suit. Unlike the rest of his family, he was born brown instead of green. He even has a partner in the form of a dragonfly named Dorado.


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