A Romancer Hen

Avian Romancers, or often refered to as Romancers or nicknamingly as Love Birds, are beautiful Outer Gods that resemble birds that crave affection, love, and most of all, a means to create another Romancer as Romancers are the only Outer Gods that require sexual based reproduction as they actselly have genders and are not just toned male or female or have artifical features of such, where as other Outer Gods are often made with cosmic powers or are born asexually. In acknowledging that Outer Gods don't do reproduction, nor would entertain the idea, nor even entertain it with them since Romancers are clearly devients, Avian Romancers have settled for mortals since they have a stronger sense of romance. Not say they don't rekitnese god romance, but inrealm gods are often strict about that too, so that's out. Course, Outer God Birds would be abit much for even kind hearted nor even VERY curious mortals to even try and get romantic with due to the kind of reputation outer gods have, let alone a bird in general since humanoid beings usually have issues with beastiality. So often, depending on the kind of mortal they are interested in, they take the form of the most ideal mortal form based on what they telepathicly read in their minds and, just go for it. They go through the typical romantic cycles and trials until the time of the wedding, and finally, the long awaited chance to mate. Depending on gender, if male, then the female will exspearience the physical anomamly of having a bird egg inside of them (If Mammal, in creatures where eggs are normal like reptiles and birds, it would play out normally), and often the poor woman ends up becoming center stage of a media circus because of an extrenordenary oddity, and the father being question since he was the one with the seed, from the press to secret goverment forces that look as if they know exactly what is going on, and the father will deny it until the day of birth, where the Romancer Chick will be borned, then thus, the father will be exposed, then quietly carted away with his family by the goverment organisation as the specitcal is quietly toned down to prevent unwanted exposure, and had the knowledge be only written off as a wild urban legend as the family are made to live the rest of their lives in a secret goverment facility hold, where if it were a hen, then she would only faced a more delayed ineditable verson of what the male would go through since her mortal form would allow for normal pregnetcy, only to then be exposed when the baby is birthed as a Romancer Hatchling, then the same song and dance. Sad as this is, being captured by goverment organisations, is tecnecally the least bad thing to happen to them, cause the worse case scenario is that the reveil attracts very pissed off intended Outer Gods, and it only ends poorly for the suspected Romancer from there. This being said, Romancers rarely visit normal or balenced dimentions, only rookie or adventurious members do so, as Romancers commonly prefer realms with strong enfluence of love, ergo they only go for love based dimentions where their oddities will be more forgiven in thanks to love being boundless and passively tolerent in many levels. Sometimes, Romancers don't even have to change form for their would-be mortal mates (Outside of doing so when in a more normal realm) and litterally be themselves with a potaintional partner. Still, Romancers don't exactly have that great of a reputation with Intended Outer Gods all the same because of them "Fondling with Mortal Kind" and "Subugating themselves to mortal nonsense", and the less is said about how they view Romancers born from a mortal and Romancer couple, the better. But thankfully, forgiving Outer Gods in Preservers and Resurrectorates have put Romancers under protected status so they avoid needless hassle, which luckly, the intended outer gods had begrudgingly allow, though only on virtue that the Romancers are at least "Harmless" Devients.
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