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Jaxtom Goddard Armatage
Awesome Jaxtom.png
Vital statistics
Title Awesome Jaxtom
Gender Male
Race/Species Acrillisape
Faction Armatage Corporation
Description Power-Hungry, Tyrannical
Skills and Abilities ISD Device Containing Family Weapons, Rechargeable Energy Shield, Gene Drug-Based Augmentation, Entire Army of Soldiers and Robots
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Uridium City, Armatage Headquarters, Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System)
Alignment Evil

Jaxtom G. Armatage, AKA Awesome Jaxtom, is an Alternate UUniversal Acrillisape from Planet Uridia. He is an adopted descendant of the Armatage family, which was famous for founding the Armatage Corporation, a megacorporation famous for competing with the weapon manufacturing corporation founded by the family of weapons designer Teel Gosa Huncus. The Armatage-Huncus Corporate Feud lasted for over 190 years even after Teel's death. Jaxtom is a living and adopted descendant raised by one of the previous CEOs of the Armatage Corporation, and was a great worker for the corporation as a programmer and inventor who produced a wide variety of inventions that were used by the Human Protection Agency. He had two human wives named Fable who had Cerwan's Mutation, a occasionally-occurring human mutation that allowed rapid evolution through one's maturity depending on the environment they interact in, and Pvyper, and had two half-breed stepdaughters named Wenby (who inherited the rapid-evolution gene) and Cilith. In his childhood days, Jaxtom, Fable, Pvyper, and his unlikely Huncus best friend Walden had spent a childhood activity searching for the Uridian Vaults, hearing stories about them as they possessed the key to wealth, fame, technology, and anything ever wanted, left behind by a Teadr 1-like race called the Uridians, and even possessing a special ore indigenous to Uridia's planetary system called uridium, which bestows an untold eternal energy source useful for hundreds of valuable functions. Fable and Pvyper soon became married to Jaxtom as polygamous wives, and gave birth to Wenby and Cilith, and all became an expedition team for Armatage, and one day discovered that the Uridian Vaults actually did exist, and continued their childhood quest to find it. They eventually found it, but while the rest of the family wanted it for benevolent reasons, Jaxtom was in it because he wanted to take over the Armatage Corporation because of blowing his heirmanship 5 years earlier. Upon finding the treasury, he reveals his true intentions and wanted to have his family stand alongside him. When they naturally refused, he restrained them, stole all the technology, hooked Wenby and her energy-harnessing stem cell mutation into an AI interface in order to control the Omninet on Uridia, gave his entire family mind-control implants to serve him, and he used the power and wealth he gained to take control of the Armatage Corporation in the Beofynzeny System, overthrowing his father, killing the new heir and later repurposing him into a superweapon, and using the power he gained through her daughter and Armatage to take over the planet and the entire system. He turned the world into a corporatocracy controlled entirely by him, he built an entire police force of soldiers out of the megacorporation's security, built an entire army of robots called A-Sentries and A-Sentinels, constantly harrassed and sabotaged the Huncus Corporation and it's economy and business, even brainwashing Walden into serving him as still being a bestie and as his yesman assistant, hired dozens of corrupt executives to enforce his corporate rule such as Wolholm the giant ape cyborg soldier and his best subordinate, and several mercenaries and bounty hunters which were formerly 'Vault Seekers' who seek Vaults who have been mind-controlled in the form of Jettle Zurkudor the highly-armored pachyderm superweapon who has strong punches and his powerful gunslinger brother Samber Zurkudor, Troge Hunts the golden amphibian cyborg genius assassin who chooses to adapt to anything he can find with his Gorebird pet, Rollond Thex Folstock the crocodilian gunslinger, Ierlith Blast and Taya Blast the two Hydran sisters who are 'Censens', which is the nickname of people with Cerwan's Mutation that have been able to harness Uridian phasepowers just like Wenby, Zemo the ninja assassin, Axon Armatage-Huncus the Huncus-Armatage gunslinger renegade, all under the leadership of his second commander, the corrupt Censen Gruid named Steelea Tussiton who also has a private army of more advanced mind-controlled soldiers and A-Sentinels called the 'Phaseforce' to not only serve in protecting the public, but also to protect Wenby's AI chamber, to count a few, established mining operations to mine the rich amounts of uridium and use them to improve the weapons manufactured by the company and create his famous U-Tech line of weaponry, and basically took over most of the planets in his home system. He even surrounded the entire planetary system with a Micro-Dyson Sphere (Micro-Dyscon Sphere in AUU terms, named after it's inventor Freegmond Dyscon) that protects from outside assistance and negates signals and transmissions in and out of the system, as well as only allowing Armatage ships to pass through and destroy any that it does not recognize, easily protecting him from the Globex Confederation of Corporations. He turned his own two wives to the Villains Act and exiled them following the banishment of the humans, leaving only Cilith as his only mind-control implanted slave. He was once asked to join the Villains Act, but he was too proud to "waste his time" providing for an interuniversal villain empire, of which he dubbed them as "A fad eventually desten to run it's course and just be another congured obsicle for the USRA races to boast about in their celebrations", implying that he knows that the VA would not be desten to a periment rule and he deemed it a good business practice to not get invovled, and when the excutives tried to persist in offering at least a partnership if he has no interest in a membership, he scoffed and laughed at them for "being so desperate to not disappoint their superiors to even ask that", then proceeded to have guards to chase the VA executives away, wanting to make sure the VA well understands that Jaxtom perfers his independent lifesytile. He has ruled this corporatocracy longer than the Villains Act's lifespan. The only thing that stands in his way is a resistance formed by the Huncus Corporation, and thus using their evenly-matched technology, and lead by the corporation's Beofynzeny CEO and Walden's father, Wusamble Huncus, in order to end the megacorporation's tyrannical rule. He is similar to Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2, except he has a different voice.


Jaxtom was born to a family that actually abandoned him due to heavy work concerns, was transferred to an orphanage, and then adopted by a member of the Armatage family, which was known for bestowing a wide range of weaponry and shared a 190-year feud against the weapons manufacturing company founded by Teel Gosa Huncus. When he became 5, Jaxtom made friends with Pvyper, a funny human girl who always pleasured Jaxtom with her pranks and jokes, Fable, a human who possessed the ability to sense energy sources through her skin as her mother worked as an energy-crystal harvester for the Huncus Corporation, and Walden, a member of the Huncus family who had the same interests and hobbies as Jaxtom and became a soul mate and best friend with him, despite his family still having tense feelings towards the Armatage family. The four became quick friends and saw a special bond with each other. They hoped to see a bright future with each other in their families' line of work. Their families once told them stories on camping trips about their home planet being the origin place of Teadr 1-like precursor beings called the Uridians, who kept life's work of technology beneath the ground in vaults, bestowing the key to fame, fortune, and everything. The friends believed that it could enrich their companies, and thus they spent time wandering their neighborhoods searching for these vaults for their families. But as the years passed, these dreams sounded more like those of a child as they never found the vaults, dubbing them to be non-existent.

When the family became teenagers, they became steady members of their work. Jaxtom's father, previously a member of the U-Ters, a group of heretics who believed that Uridian technology was too dangerous to be shared publicly and thus sacred, became the new CEO of the Armatage Corporation in the Beofynzeny System, and the same thing occurred with Walden's father for the Huncus Corporation, and Fable saw a lot more in Jaxtom and the two became a couple. Walden and Pvyper were early bloomers and fell in love with each other until they broke up after the tensities of their future causing arguments. Strangely enough, Pvyper fell in love with Jaxtom as well, but only because of his looks. But even more stranger, Jaxtom admitted that Pvyper was pretty too, and discovered that the two were raised by polygamous families, and thus they both became girlfriends to him, yet Walden tolerated this as best as he could. The 4 friends had wonderful lives for the next few years. Jaxtom worked as a tinkerer and programmer for Armatage, Fable worked as a geneticist after being interested in studying Cerwan's Mutation and hoping to make a serum that will grant it regardless if it's supposed to only work through maturity, Pvyper was a miner for laserum in Armatage, and Walden was a unique inventor for his age. Both Jaxtom and Walden were hoping to take their families' place well. However, while Walden would retain his heirmanship, Jaxtom ended up losing his when he was intending to expand the corporation by using it's hooks to the Uridian Government, in order to make it a better and more richer business. However, when this gained controversy with Jaxtom's father, with his time with the U-Ters changing him, had no choice but to sway the controversy to the Globex Confederacy of Corporations and revoke Jaxtom's heirmanship as his plans would be risky and could pose a bit of threat to Uridia's economy and for the Huncus Corporation. Jaxtom did not take this very well, and acted out, causing him to lose more in his business, losing his lab and being promoted to mining laserum with Pvyper. His heirmanship was later passed down to his father's other adopted son and Jaxtom's hated adopted brother Gimmy.

More years passed, and Jaxtom's displeasure of not becoming heir still haunts him. But he eventually got married to both Fable and Pvyper, and had two half-breed stepdaughters, Wenby, who inherited the Cerwan Gene and thus mysteriously absorb uridium energy and use phasepowers, making part of her body glow when her abilities are active, and Cilith, who was a cheerful virtual-reality and Omninet-loving child that enjoyed playing and simulated experiences. As for Walden, he had a second job as a bachelor since he wanted to get his mind off of his break-up with Pvyper. Eventually, the 6 quickly became an excavation team who worked for both Armatage and Huncus, splitting found treasure and lost technology 50/50, and selling them to their respective companies. They quickly became a success, and enjoyed their lives. However, then came the day when news broke out that what appears to be a Uridian Vault has been found in an abandoned rarium mine, and this causes a summit about what to do about it. So the two corporations decide to send Jaxtom's team to find it and bring back the treasures they possess, as their families know of their old childhood activity on searching for the vaults to begin with. So, in order to support their families, the team accepts and they enter the mines with all the available products, defenses, and weapons they can bring.

Little did the rest of the team know that Jaxtom saw this opportunity as more than just a way to enrich his company. It could give him a chance to regain his heirmanship as he believes that his promises are still solid. After fighting off native wildlife, they finally come across the Uridian Vault. This is when Jaxtom reveals his true intentions. He promises that he could prove to the GCC that his promises of expanding his company could offer great good, and that the treasures within the vault are his best chance at proving them wrong. He asks his team to join him as this promise will enrich them as much as they would for him. However, the rest of the team is not so agreeable as they are disappointed that Jaxtom has still been upset about losing his heirmanship after all these years. When they threatened to tell the corporation and GCC about this, Jaxtom refused to allow it as he betrayed them, tied them up, and took all the treasures for himself. He then rigged all of the technology in hopes of accomplishing a plan for corporate domination, and uploaded his own daughter Wenby's consciousness and powerful abilities into an AI supercomputer construct, as he would claim Wenby died in the expedition and pose her off as an AI construct, and he secretly used top-notch programmable mind-control implants he bought off a smuggler before going on the expedition to force the rest of the team to play along. This worked as the Armatage Corporation and Huncus Corporation got 50/50 on all the technology he hogged for himself.

When his plan was coming to fruition, he waited for the right moment to declare his new rule, all while reprogramming the mind-control implants on his own team to maintain their loyalty. When that day finally came as the technology was used to finally build up enough potential, Jaxtom finally made his move by crippling his own father, killing Gimmy, and keeping his body in tact for a later repurpose, and finally did all he could to take control over Armatage. When the Villains Act rose to power 7 years later, Jaxtom exiled his own wives through the Villains Act, kept his remaining daughter a slave, and brainwashed Walden into being his close assistant and manipulate his mind into believing he was still his best friend. He built the army, the power, and the corporatocracy that still exists today, and he even claimed control over a lot of Huncus facilities through the technology he rigged. And to make sure that the GCC doesn't intervene, he installed a Micro-Dyson Sphere around his home planet's system that restricted transmissions and ships from going in and out of the system, spreading lies as to why the shield was installed, claiming that it was protection from the Villains Act, and later the Dark Radicals. He kept true to his word as his new Armatage branch was making more money than ever, and he tries to maintain the trust of his own people by donations, charities, suppliments, and other things, in order to prove he's not so bad. However, the only thing in the system that stands in the way is Walden's father, who founded a resistance to fight Jaxtom's tyranny in retaliation for degrading his business. A civil war erupted as a result. He has ruled the system for over 25 years, yet even with all his power, he is still vulnerable in one way or another, and it's only a matter of time before someone besides the Huncus Resistance does something about it.


Jaxtom is very intelligent and is willing to do anything to get his way, including murder and destruction. On his own, he seems unable to defend himself, but he is more than he seems. He is naturally agile and can climb faster due to his prehensile feet. He is a great acrobat who has learned to avoid gunfire after years of accidentally coming across bandits doing his job. He also got several awards in the AUU human martial art Neaji Oqo, which is among the most powerful martial arts humans have come up with, focusing on identification of weaknesses and pressure points through accurate senses and adaptations. However, this form is known to be mastered quicker only by humans and other beings who possess Cerwan's Mutation, as this mutation gives them the senses and adaptations to master the martial art quicker. Jaxtom intended to inject the gene into himself, but because the mutations only take affect through maturity, it would not work for him. Instead, he subjected himself with an illegal Cerwan Mutation drug which actually helped him learn quicker. This worked, but it caused him to get addicted to gene therapy as he subjected himself to genetic drugs that, despite augmenting him temporarily, still pose a common threat of cancer like real-life drugs as a result of his genetic material being mixed around to the point where cells start dying. However, this process still takes years to kill him. He secretly manufactures gene drugs to augment himself, and founded a black market which sold this successful project.

Aside from his drug augmentations and martial arts, Jaxtom carries an Armatage ISD-4550, an infinite storage device, which allows him to store all forms of his adopted family's weaponry, as he can summon any weapon he wishes by holding out his hand and speaking the specific nickname of the weapon. He has had so much experience with his family's products, he knows how to wield and use every single one. He also carries a ArmRES-006 Recharging Energy Shield which is strong enough to protect him from various forms of damage, only being vulnerable to electrical attacks. He controls all of his enslaved employees with mind-control implants, illegal devices which do physically-unstoppable things to individuals when a conflict in nerves is picked up. He also has over a dozen followers that were mind-controlled in alternate ways, usually through the illegal mind-control serums and VA-exclusive neuroshock treatment, and even brainwashing technologies. After years of controlling his family's megacorporation branch, he has come up with a hundred different projects for hundreds of back-up plans. However, all of these machines are controlled by the Omninet, which is an interuniversal network similar to the Internet but with a wider range of commands and data for controlling many things such as media or machines, as he controls this through his half-breed Cerwan-Gene-possessing daughter Wenby, so should she ever be removed from her AI interface, he will lose the power to activate them at any time and will have to activate them manually.

When he took over his family's megacorporation branch, he gained control over it's hundreds of projects, technology, and influence on Uridia. The branch before Jaxtom's takeover had a body for propaganda and media, had limited control of the stockmarket and some small control over Uridia's government, had officials who also worked for the Uridian government including the last Uridian president, and was the top industry on Uridia. This allowed Jaxtom to easily declare a corporatocracy when taking over the branch. Thus, he has control over the media, the stockmarket, the government itself, and the many projects in the corporation. Plus, with the help of his enhanced half-breed daughter Wenby as an AI, he has control over not just the Omninet, but he also has surveillance all over Uridia, as well as the rest of it's planetary system, with the use of well-protected cameras and turrets. He has satellites that serve as not just a connection to the Omninet and any known network, but it also serves as space lasers that are programmed to hit a specific target through simple mobile device command. However, as stated before, Jaxtom can only operate them at any time as long as he controls the Omninet through his daughter.

Armatage Armed Forces

  • Leader: Wolholm

He converted the Armatage branch's security into a military police force called the Armatage Armed Forces (AAF) which wields all known Armatage weaponry, has powered yellow-orange and red armor with recharging energy shields, transparent defense shields, deploy manned turrets of a dozen models, often use equipment such as jet-packs, shield generators, cloaking devices, holograms, deployable drones, enhancements, and nanobots, ride vehicles such as hoverbikes, recon jeeps, hovering troop carriers, mobile command centers, tiltrotor copters and airships, and are all controlled by a mind-control serum. Organic individuals include:

  • Officer- A member that has the lowest grade of armor in the backbone of the organic force, one shield coating, and only uses Class I Armatage/Huncus weapons (Pistols, SMG/Machine Guns).
  • Soldier- A member that has the moderate grade of armor in the backbone of the organic force, two shield coatings, and only uses Class II Armatage/Huncus weapons (Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Explosive Launchers).
  • Enforcer- A member that has the highest grade of armor in the backbone of the organic force, three shield coatings, and only uses Class III Armatage/Huncus weapons (Battle Rifles, Snipers, Rocket Launchers).
  • Heavy- A member that has the strongest armor which is mainly robotic, has highly-strong shield coating and technology, and use all Armatage/Huncus weapons.
  • Engineer- A member that has a robotic exo-suit that serve as both scientists, builders, and architects, yet are able to provide defense and offense in the field of battle as their exo suits provide robotic arms and fists that deliver deadly bows, as well as mounted guns or deployable turrets.
  • Healer- A member that uses transfusion technology to heal any organic forces in the field of battle.
  • Uridian- A member that is augmented through Uridium technology, including U-Tech weapons.
  • Tanker- A member that uses a large durable powered exoskeleton that has two mounted cannons that can morph into all forms of Armatage weaponry, has a powerful energy shield, and it can propel itself with rocket jumps.
  • BA- ('Badass') Technologically-augmented versions of any and all members of the organic force, dubbed 'BA', that are 5x more powerful.
  • General- A leading figure of any and all organic forces in an area or territory that commands effectively and reports on progress through the Omninet.

He had also created a long line of robots that serve as a co-force that fights alongside the AAF, which are A-Sentries and A-Sentinels. A-Sentries are like a combination between Hornets and the Borderlands 2 Loaders, as they carry medium-sized weapons that are too heavy and powerful for an ordinary AFF Soldier to use, and come with the same random equipment as an AFF Soldier. Variants include:

  • Officer A-Sentry- The primary model of the A-Sentry Forces, having the ability to digitally morph one or both of it's arms and fuse them with any Class I Armatage weapon in it's ISD (Pistols, SMG/Machine Guns).
  • Soldier A-Sentry- The secondary-class model of the A-Sentry Forces, having the ability to digitally morph one or both of it's arms and fuse them with any Class II Armatage weapon in it's ISD (Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Explosive Launchers).
  • Enforcer A-Sentry- The tertiary-class model of the A-Sentry Forces, having the ability to digitally morph one or both of it's arms and fuse them with any Class III Armatage weapons in it's ISD (Battle Rifles, Snipers, Rocket Launchers).
  • Heavy A-Sentry- The quaternary-class model of the A-Sentry Forces, having the ability to digitally morph one or both of it's arms and fuse them with all Armatage weapons in it's ISD.
  • Engineer A-Sentry- The technological model of the A-Sentry Force that not only has the ability to morph arms into weapons, but can use a Digistruction lens to create machines, repair, and do maintenance in the field of battle.
  • Uridium A-Sentry- A highly-advanced and augmented model of the A-Sentry Force that uses not just Armatage weapons, but augments them with 12 Uridium power cells, and the power is doubled when it morphs it's arms with U-Tech weapons.
  • Yielder A-Sentry- A shielded model of the A-Sentry Force designed to control riots and add additional protection. The shield energy can be manipulated to form an arm-mounted red hexagonal shield, or spread it into a bubble shield. However, it cannot stay up forever as it uses up the energy in just a full hour, and must recharge in the same timespan.
  • Digisurrector A-Sentry- A model of the A-Sentry Force designed to aid as medical support, using a Digistruction lens to repair damage done to other forces, heal organic members through energy brought from transfusion weapons, and provide digital regeneration to fallen mahines through spare parts and resources.
  • Rocketeer A-Sentry- A model of the A-Sentry Force that has powerful jet-packs that recharge in 10 seconds after an hour's worth of use. It can provide aerial support in the field of battle.
  • BA A-Sentry- A digitally-augmented variant of all A-Sentries in the A-Sentry Forces that boosts their capabilities 5x. They are harder to beat, and are smarter.
  • General A-Sentry- The biggest model in the A-Sentry Forces that leads every army squadron faced in a certain area or territory, designed to have all the capabilities of the other A-Sentry types, and to aid as the ones who report and catalog progress on a battle.

The A-Sentinels are the strongest in his forces, being a mix between Borderlands 2 Loaders and X-Men: Days of Future Past Past Sentinels, being more intelligent, larger, more armed, and more powerful, carrying customizable arsenals, carry much larger and more heavier guns, and were built to be more duable than A-Sentries. A-Sentinels include:

  • Officer A-Sentinel- The A-Sentinel variant of the Officer A-Sentry.
  • Soldier A-Sentinel- The A-Sentinel variant of the Soldier A-Sentry.
  • Enforcer A-Sentinel- The A-Sentinel variant of the Enforcer A-Sentry.
  • Heavy A-Sentinel- The A-Sentinel variant of the Heavy A-Sentry.
  • Engineer A-Sentinel- The A-Sentinel variant of the Engineer A-Sentry.
  • Rocketeer A-Sentinel- The A-Sentinel variant of the Rocketeer A-Sentry, except the weight can only guarantee that it can glide.
  • Uridium A-Sentinel- The A-Sentinel variant of the Uridium A-Sentry.
  • Digisurrector A-Sentinel- The A-Sentinel variant of the Digisurrector A-Sentry.
  • Tanker A-Sentinel- A large A-Sentinel that has 6 cannons as arms, could modify it's cannons through command and through a 12-cartridge chassis operated by Doc-Ock-like arms.
  • Super A-Sentinel- A large A-Sentinel that has deadly-strong shields and has large morphing accelerator cannons for arms, as well as having two grabbing Doc-Ock-like arms.
  • BA A-Sentinel- The A-Sentinel variant of the BA A-Sentries.
  • Colossal A-Sentinel- A giant 30ft A-Sentinel that has 10 cannons for arms with multiple setting operated in the same way as the Tanker A-Sentinel, and is manned by organic AAF soldiers.
  • APC A-Sentinel- A giant 30ft A-Sentinel that is unmanned, and deploys smaller A-Sentinels and A-Sentries through digital storage within it's chest.
  • General A-Sentinel- The biggest A-Sentinel model and the A-Sentinel variant of the General A-Sentries.

There are also specialized flying drones that were designed around the advanced war drones of Huncus, referred to as A-Drones. They fly across the battlefield to aid as support for the A-Sentries and A-Sentinels.

  • Probe- A small deployable drones meant to aid in ambiance or battle with their adaptive minds.
  • Dodger- A small drone based on Huncus' Security Drones that aids the AAF in many ways including first-aid support, digistruct support, repair support, scan support, defensive support, offensive support, and anything else.
  • Convoy- Large drones based on the Huncus Conservators in Huncus Security or the Huncus Rebellion that act as heavy support in the battlefield, are heavily-armored, come with morphing weapon cannons, are mainly for guarding important areas, security, or emergency support as they work in coordinated aerial formations with their adaptive positronic brains, and have ensured that they annihilate anything they deem a threat.

However, the robots within Jaxtom's army are also controlled by the Omninet and can be controlled anywhere by him, and the A-Sentinels are programmed to fulfill Omninet commands just like their master. But like all other machines in Jaxtom's power, it's omnipresent control depends on Wenby remaining within the AI interface. If she is removed, these machines lose their ability to carry out the omnipotent Omninet command, yet still remain programmed to serve Jaxtom, but even then, it would be difficult for him to control them without a widespread network. The AAF, however, are not controlled by the Omninet as their mind-control technology are controlled by hundreds of individual modules that are all controlled manually by a supercomputer at the Armatage HQ.

More coming soon...

New Phaseforce

Since Commandant Steelea overthrew the Phaseforce, it has been under servitude to Jaxtom in return for him funding their arsenal with his company when the previous Huncus funding was cut when the Huncus Corporation refused to fund the Phaseforce with a corrupt ruler. Thus, the Phaseforce now serves as Jaxtom's public police force while the AAF work in private matters. Thus, the Phaseforce has both Armatage weapons and stolen Huncus weapons, as well as utilizing Uridium-based weaponry. The Phaseforce is comprised of beings literally bred for combat or anything else close including Gruids, Qlarg, Rabodans, Avatans, Humans (Before evacuation), Waurmics, and so on.

The Phaseforce is renowned for their iridescent purple coloration and symbolism, a color that compliments the Uridians and their phasepowers. They are a highly-trained military police force that has among the ultimate military strategy in the AUU and always thinks ahead under their leaders. They are nearly unstoppable in their approach, and can overwhelm just about any army they fight against, carrying weapons and equipment of higher quality than that of which is seen in bandit hands: uncommon or better weapons and enhanced grenades, and many also use strong energy shields, while also wearing body armor, all of which are solar powered which is how they replenish their health and shields quickly after heavy injury. Anyone facing them must take care as their high quality equipment gives them considerable firepower and added lasting power.

The fluorescent-purple and black, gray, or white armor of Phaseforce soldiers primarily cover their heads, chests, arms and shins. This solar-powered power armor reduce many forms of firepower damage considerably with aid from their recharging energy shields, making them difficult to kill. Though they have the common weakspot of the heads, their armor also reduces the damage inflicted by head shots, while their movement and constant output of suppressing firepower makes aiming for their heads constantly difficult. A player can aim at their exposed thighs if given no other options. Though the armor is weak to specific types of weaponry, which is why they developed special shields that are designed to resist against any type of weapon firepower.

The Phaseforce also possesses fluorescent shields designed to absorb energy and has a recharging energy shield of it's own to add to it's defensive power. Though powerful or sustained shots to their shield can knock it aside, allowing an opportunity to shoot at their user's weak spots. The shields can expand to any degree through holographic constructs. They also have Engineers that can deploy Sentry Turret of all kinds which supplements their own firepower. These turrets have AI that can adapt to any strategy it's target has, and some can have energy shields, multi-function settings, and they can add extra healing support through a transfusion setting. The turrets are quite durable, yet their weaknesses are the AI eye that can be spotted easily, as it connects to their motherboard and can be shot to get a critical hit.

The arsenal of the Phaseforce is of both Armatage and Huncus considering the two families' past feud lead to them having similar designs. Yet Armatage is the company that specifies in using Uridium, and their slag byproduct, to create U-Tech Weapons, as their top ultra-powerful weapons. The weapons vary in firepower type, and like most fighters in the system and beyond, carry the Rabodan invention of Infinite Storage Devices (ISDs) to store a virtually-unlimited number of weapons, yet as their mode number goes low, the less they can carry. They commonly carry weapons of which are affectionately called 'phasers' in honor of the Uridians and their name. They can carry guns and grenades of multiple types through these ISDs, and can summon them at will. However, they also have the aid of robotics, whether they be robots, AI, drones, or cybernetics, this technology aids in their approach in a number of ways. Though their most powerful are giant robotic exoskeleton suits that are in constant research, creating their commonly-used robot suit, the Destroyer Suit, which comes in three models: The Soldier Destroyer, which carries large guns to their scale, the Artillery Destroyer which has arm cannons that have multiple functions and can be augmented or charged, and the Devastator Destroyer, the largest of suits developed by the Roxxon family, and mainly used by their latest member.

Finally, Phaseforce Juggernauts have a lot more health and even more armor than their ordinary counterparts, and are 5 or 10 times more powerful. All of them wear additional armor plates, including large shoulder guards that block line of sight to their heads from most angles and completely negate blast damage in that location the same way the shields of Defenders do. Furthermore, every part of their body is covered in damage-reducing armor, and have 5 or 10 energy shield coatings that add to their defense, as well as augment their damage power. They are virtually immune to normal gunfire, though critical hits will still do some damage. They also seem to be more aggressive and more determined considering they mainly come from casually-injured Phaseforce soldiers, having positronic/organic brains that allow them to behave like both being and machine, and therefore be more versatile, and much of their machinery and equipment are based on cybernetics depending on the parts of the body affected. Despite how formidable they are, they are no more unbeatable than their respective type. Their variants are highly upgraded to their lower types, the Infantry.


  • "This is Jaxtom, Leader of the Beofynzeny System and CEO of the Armatage Corporation. I have just been informed that there are trespassers that have entered this world. I want you to know that you are not welcome here! This world is under the authority of the Armatage Corporation, and any Uridian technology is Armatage property, possession of such property carrying a stiff penalty! You will turn yourself into the Armatage Corporation HQ, and surrender EVERYTHING you have found or seized, or there will be SERIOUS consequences. Consider this your one and ONLY warning, because I will ALWAYS be watching you!... Cuz'... Well... I own the place, and you have no authority here. So yeah, you might wanna get outta here!"
  • "This world belongs to me! I am the rightful head of the Armatage Corporation, and the rightful one who should have ALL the credit for discovering such beauty the Uridians found, because I did. I did what I had to do to get here, and you will do NOTHING to interfere! So why don't you get your sorry asses off my property, or I will PERSONALLY introduce you to my BFFs. And by BFFs, I don't mean Best Friends Forever, I mean BIG F****** FRIENDS! (Laughs) Oh, God, that was a GOOD one, wasn't it? (Laughs)"
  • "I warned you assholes! It's time for Awesome Jaxtom to teach you a lesson about NOT sticking your big noses, or ANY other body parts, where they don't belong, and then keeping said body parts AS MY PERSONAL TROPHIES! Consider yourselves wanted fugitives in a system COMPLETELY cut of the OmniNet, signals, and ALL my forces will not rest until you're MINE! I'M INITIATING THE QUARANTINE PROCEDURES!!"
  • "Uridians are such an interesting race. They didn't call them 'Living Firearms' for nothing!They had power worthy of the Gods that were exiled long ago, and I had a chance to use that in my father's corporation. But he failed to see it when he denied my chance to do it. I KNEW I could do GREAT things with the company given the technology I unearthed. And now, I have done it! And I'll be DAMNED TO HELL'S DISGUSTING BOWELS if I LOSE all that to some dumb weirdoes from another dimension who are like their dimension's court jesters!"
  • "You idiots have a GOOD habit of failing to listen to me, don't you? I told you time and time again, yet you are SO GODDAMN PERSISTENT of ignoring my orders. This system's Uridian contents belong to the Armatage Corporation, AND me, ALONG WITH THIS ENTIRE SYSTEM! It's entire community of corporate scum and bandits are mine! Everything of worth here is mine! I EVEN OWN ANYONE WHO ENTERS, SO YOU D***-FOR-BRAINS BELONG TO ME!! I do GREAT things with whatever I find, ENRICHING this corporation so I can FINALLY be the best provider of defense and offense IN THE ENTIRE UUNIVERSES!!! I FOUND ONE OF THEIR 88 VAULTS, AND THEREFORE I SHOULD BE THE ONE TO FIND THE OTHERS!! This is the BEST damn thing to happen to my father's company, and if it goes to utter waste, you'll be to blame! You may've survived the Quarantine Initiative, but THIS you will not!"
  • "You think it's right to call me wrong after all the wonderful things I had planned for my father's company? Good grief, it's bad enough that those now-has-been VA twats thought I was worthy of getting involved in their dying fad, but now, great heroes don't understand my greatness and what I am doing? In case your thick skulls can't process it, I, am trying to use fallen Teadr 1 tec to bring all races into a great ascendsion, AND kickass weaponry! I felt that was worthy of prhase! But instead, people bitched and moan about how "the weapons and bots would be dangerious in the wrong hands" or "It's not respectful to the vision of the Uridians" and shit like that! And the closest I got to people appresiating my mission, were a bunch of overglorifived conquesting hacks! It's funny on how life is SUCH a fickle teasing whore, isn't it? You want to use awesome tec, YA GET CALLED A DEFILER TO A "GREAT RACE'S" VISION?! No disrespect to a once great race, but it's hard to respect the vision of a DEAD RACE?! Whatever the fuck they intended for the machines, is shit from the past now! Passe! A dead fad! An outdated belief! Something, the future should leave in the past, and freaking move on to the big picture! Reality is NOT as simple as a dead race's idealogity! What good is anichent tec if we don't use it to a great potaintional!? What good is "Respecting the ideals of a DEAD race", if it leaves EVERYONE ELSE without cool things?! I'm sorry, but, FUCK respecting some vision of dead philosifers! Maybe things would've been differnet if, ya know, the Uridians never went extinct or some crap, then MAYBE everyone would've been more open-minded, and maybe we would've had more Teadr 1s in the universes instead of the phathic scattered dots we have in the universe today, along side with MORE kickass weaponry instead of just, a series of meehs and ehhhs! I'm talking anti-Astro Laser Defences, Planet Teleporters, Badass upgrades to even the greatest Huncus weaponry! And That's only the top tiers! I mean, imagine the kickass shit I could do for other businesses in the universes! Better robots, better cooking implaments, better gadgets, better prostectics, better, EVERYTHING! The real problem, is that idiots like my father, and you guys appearently, are afraid to take risks, that could be MORE worthwhile then whatever mishap would accure inbetween the long-term gain! People are SO TOUCHY about short-term shit, ya know? It's why SO MANY FUCKING TRADES ARE CANCELED OR NEVER ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?! People, don't look at the bigger picture! They're afraid of uncompromising change to the status quo! I mean, come on! Nobody said you can make a space omnilet without cracking eggs?! Sometimes paradise has a heafty price, WORTH paying! And frankly, it's time we stop being nancies about it and PAY ALREADY?! And as for how I run MY company? Well, I promised my entire home and even my father following his 'retirement' that I would run the company responsibly while I do what I want with the system and nothing else. I loved my father, but I do NOT take being rejected so easily from even him. And believe me, it pained me to do it, but given how thoughtless and blind he was, I had no choice. I knew the next runner-up was going to the EXACT GODDAMN THING: JUST BLANDNESS AND NOTHING ELSE!! I gave this company something more! I gave HUNCUS something more! I GAVE WEAPONRY IN THE UUNIVERSES SOMETHING MORE! You're all fools for calling me an "asshole" when I am doing GRAND things for the company and everything between. I plan to take the company FURTHER in the future. ARMATAGE IS GOING TO BE MUCH MORE FOR AS LONG AS I, AWESOME JAXTOM, THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IT EVER HAD, LIVE STRONG!!"
  • "It's your sorry asses against MY wealthy ass and the helpful asses of my BFFs, craphole! It all comes down to this! Time to decide who REALLY own this place AND all the power it holds."
  • "No, no, no... I can't lose like this... Not when I'm so close... And not at the hands of a bunch of idiots! I could have saved this company! I could have actually restored order! I wasn't supposed to lose by the hands... Of a BUNCH OF BLIND JACKASSES LIKE YOU!!! I WOULD'VE BEEN OF GREAT USE TO THIS SYSTEM AND COMPANY!!"
  • "My creations were practically an army worthy of the Gods! How- How in the HELL have you been able to defeat them?!? YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF BOONIE-MISFITS WHO GIVE HEROISM A BAD NAME TO BOTH OUR UUNIVERSES!! SOME OF YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE POWERS OR WEAPONS, OR EVEN AN ACCIQUITE PERPOSE TO EVEN BE IN A HERO TEAM?! And yet..... YOU JUST SURPASSED AN ENTIRE ARMY LIKE IT WAS A DAILY ROTINE?! I can accept that happening to a falling trend of a villain organisation or whatever joke natives you face, BUT ME?! I'M TOO BIG TO FAIL?!"
  • "You blasted idiots! My work could've brought PEACE to these worlds and beyond! No more dangerous creatures, no more villain dystopias, no more chaos, no more incompident goverments that would ENCOURAGE that kind of shit, NO MORE GODDAMN ANYTHING TERRIBLE!!! Armatage... It would've been a PARADISE!! WAS A SMALL PRICE, TOO MUCH TO ASK?! WAS I JUST TOO AWESOME FOR YOU SORRY OVER-GLORIFIVED- (Nytrox bit his tail) (SCREAMS LIKE A SHIRELLY WIMP?!) GAAAAAAAAAAAH?! BAD DOGGY, BAD DOGGY?! STOP BITING MY TAIL?!"