Both Hank and Kryptonia are still heart-borken of eachother ever since the lougers were forced to do something dispicable: break their romance for the sake of keeping the United Universes safe from super-smart super mutants. Hank has become less motivated to do anything, and Kryptonia lost her disire to congure the united universes. one day, the two suddenly met again, and they become less willing to catch up. because they knew their plans for conquest will just invite the lougers to ruin their relationship again.... that is, if a pink guardian Alicorn name Candence arranges something. she offers to help them use their brillience for good (in terms of not making mutants) as to make the worms and crimicals do new and creative ways to heal tragicly too damaged victims. and they are making process, but this has, however, gain the attention Hank Jr, who wants to earn back his father's respect and get a mother out of this by preventing them from "wussing out" on being evil. can the lougers learn to over-look Hank and Kryptonia's past sins to stop Hank Jr and allow Candence to do what she intends on doing, or end up having to face Hank or Kryptonia again in some future episode?

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