Axellionerella Aluminum
Vital statistics
Title Axe-Rella, Axing Beast Slayer
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Pegasus
Faction Pred Judu Des' adopted daughters.
Description Partially-Insane, Murderous, Scarred
Skills and Abilities Flight, Skilled With Her Namesake Axe, Hoof-to-Hoof Combat
Status Alive and in Rehabilitation
Location Equestria
Alignment Reformed

Axellionerella Aluminum is a pegasus from Equestria who lives with her adoptive father Pred Judu Des and her two other sisters, Chain and Sharp-Pay. She and her sisters share the same prejudice as their adoptive father, and wants to slay dragons and other non-pony creatures for the death of her biological parents in the hands of Malevolent Flames.


Cutie Mark

Axe was born in Ponyville and was the 2nd one to be born with her other sisters. However, when the sisters became 3 years old, their biological parents were murdered by Malvolent Flames. The 3 sisters were put in an orphanage, and stayed there until they became 5 years old. The orphanage was destroyed by Malevolent Flames and his dragon minions. Flames scratched Axe's eye, giving her her distinctive scar. Luckily, the sisters were rescued by the guards. After killing him in court, Pred Judu Des adopted the fillies as his own, and taught them how to slay dragons and other non-pony creatures. Her skills with an axe gave her her cutie mark.

Non-Pony Creature Hating Prejudice Life

Growing up with Pred and his xenophobic nature, Axe and her sisters became ruthless slayers of non-pony creatures, and showed no mercy to any of them whatsoever. Axe-rella actselly has a fickle sense of reasoning when it comes to keeping her sisters, who have much worse psycological conditions, from arguing, speically to Sharp-Pay, but not enough to understand that her actions are not modernly acceptable by New Age Equestian standerds where Dragons and Mythic Beasts are not enemies anymore due to the exsitence of very bad exsamples. She is the strong brute of the trio, capable of even making a Minotaur beg for mercy. They were great friends with Fluttershy, and even saved her from a Rock Crab once. But by following Pred's horrible exsample, this will be a rocky relationship.

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