Axon Losgon Armatage-Huncus
Vital statistics
Title Axon the Hunter, Axon the Trigger, AUU Axton (To OUU People)
Gender Male
Race/Species Gruid
Faction Vault Seekers, Phaseforce (Formerly), Armatage Corporation (Formerly)
Description Trigger-Happy, Intelligent, Tough, Military Instinct, Thrill-Seeking, Reckless, Often Crazy
Skills and Abilities High-Level Armatage-Huncus Equipment, Acrobatic Ability, Military High-Level Training and Instinct, Strategic, Natural Being Abilities
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Armed Lava Wastes, Iclluy (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Birthplace)
  • Fyregem, Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Vault Seeker Residence)
  • (Current Location Unknown...)
Alignment Antihero

Axon L. Armatage-Huncus is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid from Planet Iclluy. He is one of the best Huncus-born bounty hunters in the Beofynzeny System and was literally the best bounty hunter there, as well as the first Vault Seeker sought by Laricia Tannock and Morco, using his family and Armatage stepfamilies' weapons quickly and clearing a room with them with lightning-fast reflexes and versatility. He previously spent ten years with the Phaseforce, reaching the rank of general sergeant. After his pursuit of personal glory and disregard for orders led to numerous compromised missions, his girlfriend and commanding officer simultaneously broke up with him and discharged him from the Phaseforce. She made it a point to highlight that this would lead to his death by firing squad, then ordered him not to flee to any higher authority. Taking her not-so-subtle suggestion, Axon went AWOL, using his skills as a mercenary on many of the planets of the Beofynzeny System. He became aware of the 88 Uridian Vault thanks to a radio advertisement orchestrated by Awesome Jaxtom one day following his takeover and had been monitoring Axon's most recent bounty hunt. Although Axon was turning in more bounties and making far more money than anyone else in anyone else's jurisdiction for the following weeks, he found that it was too easy, and the lure of fame, fortune, and challenging combat drew him to Laricia, who offered him to be the first Vault Seeker, and thus, with several friends, he got it. However, Jaxtom later had him and his friends mind-controlled through Commandant Steelea, and thus they search for the Vaults for him for an entire year until outside help rescues them. Though he is still being hunted by his ex-wife for war crimes, he is protected by order of Steelea during his mind-control, and by Laricia as a Vault Seeker. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Axton, and thus has similar abilities that are heightened in every possibly way.


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As a Gruid, Axon is bred for military combat, especially when his family is known to be weapon manufacturers. His biology allows him to be resilient in the battlefield for hours, he fights like a machine, he has acrobatic skills, accurate senses of the world around him, he has heightened stamina, agility, reflexes, speed, endurance, and versatility. He has 4 eyes that allow for heightened peripheral vision and has accurate sight, smell, and hearing. He has received military training for over 10 years in the Armatage Security Guard and Phaseforce, and uses them well in his new career.

His primary weapons are Armatage and Huncus-manufactured weaponry, and only said weapons. He has grown accustomed to his mother and father's family names, he has grown use to their weapons and finds it disrespectful to use other brands, and has proven he doesn't need those brands, any he collects being immediately sold. He is very skilled with his family weapons, and he can learn to use them quickly. He wears an Armatage RRES-1404 Regenerative Recharging Energy Shield that heals both its shield and his health, he has an Armatage ISD-890 Infinite Storage Device that he uses to store anything he finds salvageable, and summons them to hand when he needs them for combat. He even has a solar-powered jetpack which allows for 5 in a half minutes of flight before recharging.

But his most trademark weapon of all is his Armatage Meta-Barrage Turret, which is programmable, has multiple functions, shields, programmable rotary ammo chassis with extended capacity, rocket launchers, 6 guns, has an AI, and is mobile and adds support to the battlefield. He can command the device through a reprogrammed Huncus network, as his old Armatage network had to be forsaken because of Jaxtom's ability to tap into Armatage technology. It is also solar-powered just like Axon's jetpack, yet the energy to work is not as much as needed to augment it's power. It is laser-guided, and it can stick to any surface with magnetic abilities.


  • "The glory of Armatage and Huncus, and ten years of Phaseforce experience at your service!"
  • "Let's DO this, and do it HARD!"
  • "Ha! Did you see his face?"
  • "HA! I LOVE how they plop to the ground!"
  • "Splooge!"
  • "Boom-Shaka-Laka!"
  • "(In falsetto, 'female' voice) Oh soldier, you're so great! (In regular voice) Come on, ladies, I'm not THAT cool...!"
  • "And people wonder why gun porn is such a thing!"
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