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Hale Jyfron Axworthy
Vital statistics
Title Axworthy, Amateur Student
Gender Male
Race/Species Wrummel
Faction Hivemind University
Description Jealous, Proud, Egotistical, Deceptive, Traitorous
Skills and Abilities Naturally Gifted with Firearms, Smartlens Helmet Increases Accuracy, Customizable Carbine, Explosives
Status Alive
Location Futurasia
  • New Concord (Hometown)

Unknown World

  • Hivemind University (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Hale J. Axworthy is a Wrummel from Futurasia. He started out as a special ops agent for his home planet, having the versatility and arsenal to be the best of the best. But when he didn't get anything as quickly as he liked, and ended up committing a serious crime for it, he was fired and sent to prison. He was later able to escape, and become an assassin. Later on, he would become a student for Hivemind University, and want to become a valedictorian. However, his skills were not enough to surpass it's current valedictorian, Lucius, whom he grew extremely jealous of, and wanted to surpass, with no success. Someday, this strive to become the valedictorian would cause him to commit yet another disgrace. He has a smartlens on his helmet which increases his accuracy with his personal customizable carbine which can use different forms of ammunition, all powered by a long-lasting atomic battery.


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