Axworthy is a techno-gunslinger Wrummel from Futurasia and a great supervillain from Hivemind University, and despite having the successful skill and recently completing a high-tech robbery out of the nose of the Lodgers, he still receives an amateur grade. For a while, he has wanted to be the valedictorian, and has grown jealous of Lucius' accomplishments. And so, he ends up luring Lucius into a trap as he is sent directly to prison. With Crystle being a witness, she herself is captured by Axworthy and is blackmailed into not revealing anything by threatening to kill Lucius, knowing her crush on him. Meanwhile, the Lodgers realize something's up when the homing device they put on Crystle has been removed by Axworthy and destroyed. So they must interrogate Lucius and see what had just occurred if they want their chance to take down HMU. So they must find a way to find out what's up, and stop the jealous Axworthy.

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