Captain Axxus' Crew is a vast group of Alternate UUniversal space pirates who take residence in a fortress on Planet Ardalicron. Lead by Captain Axxus, the crew consists of both animals and machines. While they are clearly prone to not exactly be 'law-biding' citizens and claimed brief involvement with the Villains Act by complete accident, they're not legitimate evil like most pirates in both the Alternate and Original UUniverses (like Blot's Crew). They actually have hearts somewhat more golden than the treasures they collect, contrary on what people like Governor Foul Cheese believes. Since defeating the Governor and Axxus' nemesis Captain Rarxter, they do good piracy, which is just adventuring for lost treasures across the AUU and either donating them to the AUU Currency Troupe or keeping them for buying stuff. Though sometimes, when a corrupt govenor at any planet and/or moon rises, they won't hesitate to plunder the fuck out of the corrupt system to return the loot where it belongs until the Grand Council and Heroes Act can be able to take care of it from here on in.


Animal Crew

SS Axxus

The SS Axxus

  • Sacen Axxus- Captain Axxus' first mate and daughter. She is the one who rescues her father from Rarxter on a regular basis and since his first attack, has tried to get her father to give up his pirate career.
  • Big-Lipped Rodruy- A Cronculator who serves as one of the brawns of the crew. He's big, expressive, strong, kinda dumb, with a heart of gold and has a disliking for those who mistreat others for self-gain to boot.
  • Eight-Armed Monnoe- An Arapith who is an agile sword combatant of the crew. A talented pickpocket and thief with a pretty decent sense of helping others through misguided means, he joined Axxus because he can be an even bigger help to his home moon, Mrex, through collecting back what Foul Cheese had stolen.
  • Chenger Mudrey- A Mudrey that takes being 'bloodthirsty' in a literal sense. While he is a fearful martial arts fighter, he needs to be hydrated on a daily basis due to being a land-dwelling fish. Despite being scary and intimidating, he's actually a nice, misunderstood guy who only turned to piracy to help a financially-troubled orphanage owned by his sister that Cheese is abusing for cash.
  • Clyrilla the Sophisticated- A black-sheep and regal Parava that left the royal life because it lacked the excitement the life of a pirate had to offer. But also for the cause to stand up to the abusive rich for the poor when the rich do nothing to stand up to Foul Cheese's uncontrolled taxing and unfairly-restrictive laws. Now, she serves as one of the aerial fighters of Axxus' crew.
  • Croon the Goon- A brutal Hexilla that used to work for Rarxter, but left when he discovered Axxus had much more thoughtful intentions (in some context) than Rarxter's interest for self-gain and self-reservation. He's one of Axxus' brawns, and is like Rodney, but with an ape's intelligence. He's got both brains and brawns, and earned a friendship with Rodney after he saved Axxus' life from one of Foul Cheese's guards when Sacen wasn't around for the time when a heist went South painfully quick.
  • Graig Barrel Roll- A Narcaconda who keeps his length of 30.7 feet a secret from enemies by always being in a barrel. He not only wants his length to be a secret from the bad guys, but he also can't move very far with it due to his weight restraining him without bodies of water to back it up. He's also strangely big to even fit in such a barrel. He only shows his length when he wants to frighten enemies, or when he doesn't have a choice. He helps Axxus against problems like Foul Cheese's guards or Rarxter's goons by rolling over enemies with his barrel, or strangling them with his bone-crushing constriction.
  • Le Seductra- A Poodle-like Rog with a prior modeling career in Urex, but turned to piracy when Foul Cheese turned the moon into a patriarchal society and unfairly restricted women's rights. She's like an alternate verson of Le Fifi, except her looks aren't magical. She just uses charm to her advantage.
  • Jrinn the Fast- Seductra's Sprinter husband with Spanish-like charm and finesse, sophisticated fighting moves and speed fueled by a need to help the weak and give the abusive strong like Foul Cheese and Rarxter what they deserve. See him like an alternate Senior Larry, but his charm isn't magical.
  • Foulmouth Grinjis- A Zarantha who doesn't just need weapons and strength to fight. His main weapon is his dirty insults. He has the mental ability to turn vulgar insults into weapons that emotionally, mentally, and physically hurt enemies of Axxus. He does this after being taught in the ways of Magilian alchemy and magic, and rarely uses a gun, a sword, or his natural strength and tusks.
  • Raax Rex- A giant Vacuudon that guards Axxus' ship against Foul Cheese's imperial forces and Rarxter that was given by Grinjis the power to magically turn into the ship's tattoo or can be magically bound to the front of the SS Axxus, and can be summoned by Axxus' command.
  • Little Snapper- A young Elvuu that admires Axxus like a role model for helping his home of Mrex against Foul Cheese's tyranny and serves as the cabin boy who helps make sure every safety precaution is taken during times of danger, and that the ship is admiringly clean thanks to being much of a neat-freak.
  • Spova- A Hexilla cyborg teenager who was once a member of Captain Rarxter's crew since her family was one of his friends. But when Rarxter was stopped from one of his nasty plans, she and her friends, Cyona and Byrn, joined Axxus' crew.
  • Cyona- A Hexilla cyborg teenager who is a friend to Spova. She also had a family that served for Rarxter, and she had joined with her two friends with Axxus' crew. She and Byrn are now a couple.
  • Byrn- A Hexilla teenager who is a friend to Spova. He also had a family that served for Rarxter, and had joined following his defeat. He also admitted his feelings for Cyona, and the two became a couple.

Robot Crew

  • Argh 17-20- personal first "Robot" mate is a personalised Skelebot Commander from the VA's Starbot Drone Series. Axxus' didn't had true membership or greater involvement to the VA's "Un-nessersary extremeist ideas" and only was a minor member just to accure robots from them. Among the named robots is this Skelibot commander. She adopted and adapted to the Captain's better intentions and never questions it once due to her loyalty program all of the Starbot's process, and has even painted away the VA symbol in place of a pirate skull and cross bones simular to the Pirates of the Carabean symbol.
  • Alpha Nepiton- Axxus' personal musle, A named Manbeetle Alpha. Like his fellow named personalised starbots, he adapted and accepted Axxus' good morals for being a fickle-minded anti hero pirate, and is among his most brutal and the strongest of his robotic crew. Nepiton easily aides Rodney and Croon in huge fights against Cheese's guards or Rarxter's goons and can go for hours with only a few dents or so. He did exspearience some damage serious enough, but recovers easily thanks to Little Snapper being a good machanic.
  • Lord Brains-in-a-Box- Axxus' top stragigest, A named Tactical Skelibot. Like his fellow named Starbots, he adopted and accepted Axxus' way of life. He is however, somewhat annoyed by Axxus' overcompident behavior and oddballness. While a loyalty program prevents BIAB from wanting to turn on Axxus, what also does that is that Axxus desire to help those tormented by Cheese also prevents this, making him logicly understand that Axxus may be a goofball, but he's a goofball who cares. As you may expect, his "name" is not his real unit name, but a nick name by Axxus thanks to his "Salty pirate humor".
  • P.O.L.L.Y.- A named Jetpack Commander that has a malfuntion that makes him behave like a parrot like creature that humoriously cuddles with Axxus who treats him like an actual pet. When threaten, the imfamous Jetpack Commander programing kicks in and makes Polly a force to be rekind with to both Cheese's Navy and Rarxter's crew alike.
  • Beetle-Bloob and Dim-Tin Can- two funny misfits of a Normal Manbeetle and a Strangely dimwited Conehead Skelebot, (based on the two pirate duo that used to work for Captain Barossa, the first main villain of Pirates of the Carrabeanian). Bloob and Dim are asentually the team comic reliefs, but they do have a higher funtion of holding out on their own... But don't expect them to carry out complincated scemes very well.
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