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Azalea Polly Aranae
Azalea Aranae.png
Vital statistics
Title Crime Weaver, Crime Azalea, Crime Webber
Gender Female
Race/Species Golden Orb-Weaving Spider (Nephila clavipes)
Faction Azalea Syndicate
Description Greedy, Manipulating, Strategist, Dishonest Cheater, Extortionist
Skills and Abilities Verbal Mind-Tricks, Magic, Pain-Inflicting Non-Lethal Venom
Status Alive
Location Dragon Realms
  • Mashhad, Persia (Hometown)
  • Warfang (Current Residence)
Alignment Evil Crime Lord

Azalea P. Aranae is a female Golden orb-weaver spider from Dragon Realms Persia. She is a crime lord who was banished for smuggling, murder, rigging games, and cheating in gambles. She eventually became the leader of a criminal syndicate which does crimes that potentially involves games and sports competitions. She rigs, and even competes, in some of them, and she even cheats a lot to get her grand reputation. She pays thousands for competitors to work for her, and she doesn't hesitate to use her weak, but potent venom to cause agonizing pain to anyone who gets in her way. As a female spider, she is larger than her species' tinier males. She has no interest in mating, and her venom doesn't do much since it's known to not be that lethal to humans, or any other animal for that matter except for insects. For larger organisms, it just causes hours of excruciating pain.


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