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Azathoth (Prime).png
Vital statistics
Title The Blind Idiot God, Nuclear Chaos, Daemon Sultan, Abyssal Idiot, Lord of All, Him in the Gulf, The Deep Dark, The Cold One, Sleeping Chaos, Supreme Lord and Creator of All Things, Blind Dreamer, King-of-All, Achamoth, Vach-Viraj
Gender Male
Race/Species Mischiever
Faction Leader of All Mischievers
Description Mentally Unstable At Many Times, Ruthless, Reckless, Often Apathetic
Skills and Abilities Shapeshifting, High Experience In God-Level Magic, Immortality, Nigh Omnipotence, High-Level Reality Bending
Status At Large
Location Xoth System, Mad Rims (Birthplace and Current Residence)
Alignment Pure Evil

Azathoth the Mischievous is an Outer God and one of the most iconic of them in Lovecraftian horror. In fiction, he is the ruler of all Outer Gods. In the series, he is the ruler of the Mischievers, Outer Gods of Chaos, alongside the vice-ruler and his great great grandson Cthulhu, a former Eraser. Though not responsible for the creation of the Darkspawn, and that even Chernabog refused to even say his name, Azathoth created monsters and demons identical to them, fittingly called Lovecrafts, on a world that would come to be known as the Demon Realm of The Owl House after the inhabitants had a war of independence. He saw that chaos kept balance in the infinite sea of the multiverse, manipulating all sorts of Outer Gods and disrupting the balance of universes believing they needed it, and commanded all Mischievers with an iron grip. This Azathoth is implied to be connected and/or having embraced the leftover energies of Gliticer, at least to the degree of being a corrupting enfluence, and potaintionally the leading shorce of the creation of devients, albeit more or less indirectly as he doesn't have as much control over other devients outside of the Mischivers, but end of the day, the impourent thing is that devients are still A shorce of chaos, even if he can't directly enfluence them.


Azathoth started out as the leader of his formless people from the binary green Xoth System of what is now the Mad Rims, though 'Azathoth' was not his original name as the original one was a name that demanded respect across the multiverse. Many heat-deaths and multiversal rebirth cycles ago, pre-dating the UUniverses and the First Cartoonian War of the concurrent multiverse as we know today, the Mischiever Purebloods started out as interdimensional octopoid-based species that colonized the neighboring dimensions of what would become the Mad Rims. Their true name were lost to even them to the point that they currently refer to that era as 'Pre-Mischives'. The Pre-Mischives in turn, despite their octopoid-like appearance, did not evolve from cephalopods. Instead, they were creatures of pure craftflesh, the collective term for the biomatter that defines Lovecraftian horror, characterized by assimilating formless flesh, countless writhing tentacles, countless alien-like eyes, and countless needle-like-toothed mouths. This flesh in turn evolved from amoebic microorganisms that have developed a hiveminded intelligence allowing them to unite and flawlessly mimic multicellular life. This allowed them to evolve into the level of gods, with Azathoth as their noble and proud leader.

Thriving at a time when the Intended Outer Gods were not always around to keep order to all things, it was the Pre-Mischives that cared for the Outer Rims and brought it the balance in absence of the Intendeds. Because of this, they were considered the one exception to the otherwise-strict rule of no Interdimensional Empires. The other reason for the exception for the Pre-Mischives is because their own adaptive formless biology made them a risk for the Intendeds to even desire intervention, as they could possess even Outer God physiology and assimilate them into their click. Those that were made from this process are called 'Fuse-Bloods', along with other names like 'Hybriders' and more, as Pre-Mischive originals were called Purebloods. While this ability was not limited to possessing Outers, the Pre-Mischives, especially Azathoth, once had the wisdom to only reserve this ability to Outers as to best protect themselves from Outer God threats, as well as their culture considering fusing with in-realm mortals and god-level beings not as prudent as doing it to an Outer. They also had the wisdom to not rub it into the Intendeds' faces and still had adhered to the Grand Design and balance and never committed to interdimensional imperialism. Azathoth made sure that his entire race respected the grand design, and did it well.

For this, the Pre-Mischives were a benevolent peaceful interdimensional race and were once the keepers of balance in the Outer Rims. But the very ability that protected them from Outers made them useful to Mlandoth, an incorporeal entity of chaos that already had a twisted ideal for what balance really was and wanted to turn the Pre-Mischives into something they weren't, as it not only found them the one challenge to it's master plans, but because it viewed how great their fusing ability could be. So Mlandoth proceeded to create chaos-energized Titans from the Kaiju Dimension and designated each such variant to appear in specific realms, turning them into far more miserable worlds, starting with the Pre-Mischives' home and colonies, in turn beginning with the Xoth System. The Chaos Titans destroyed the Pre-Mischive kingdom and left them to become miserable shells of their former selves. Azathoth was left heartbroken and lost of hope, making him vulnerable to Mlandoth's suggestions and turning him into the Founding Mischiever, leading him to infect his own people with this curse thanks to the shapeshifting and assimilating capabilities of his people, and in turn slowly birthing all other Mischievers. The Pre-Mischives original state would disappear many rebirth cycles later to this current Multiverse Cycle, as up until their mishandling of making a Citadelian into a Mischiever ended up with the Purrians harmed, the Mischievers were once completely obscured for all those Multiversal heat-deaths and recycles, by this point having established many of the famed figures known in Lovecraftian stories and having served Mlandoth's twisted ideals since.

But the one realm that usually defied making the Outer Rims into a pure mess was the Fantasy Realm, the only realm Mlandoth overlooked during his rampage. But thanks to the Fantasy Realm's own prior origin thanks to the Mi-Gos' punishment of Yuggoth's native fungi for becoming too overpopulated, a survivor that would become known as Ghadamon was tricked into helping them let the Fantasy Realm's own Titans inside to cause trouble for them, tainting it into the Demon Realm and making Yuggoth into the black-spire-covered wasteland it was depicted as in Lovecraftian horror. Though eventually because of Azathoth being too quick in wanting to emulate the Darkspawn, after being inspired by a rant from the Mischiver's Chom about a counter-part in the Darkspawn Fold, with the realm, this lead to a rebellion largely commited by the Mi-Go that broke them free of true control when they discovered Iagh-Metal, which would be rechristened in modern generations as 'Lovecraftium', a metal alloy made from mystically-charged particles, substances from fallen stars, and the strongest materials mined from the ground, which would be a chain reaction of rogue Outer God activity, resulting in it accumulating in worlds that are victimized by them, and is the only substance capable of harming an Outer God even by them standing a few feet away from it. They used this metal to drive off Azathoth and his creations, and they stabilized the ruined Fantasy Realm by demolishing all the global black spires across its surface, and their overall influence of the Outer Rims being nothing but a miserable cosmic mess. Regardless, the impact of the Titans spread Lovecraftian body-horror biology all over Yuggoth, and they coped with this to the best of their ability since they are used to body horror and out-of-this-world magic, give or take having to bare the complaints of purests that want everything the Mischivers did outright gone. Still, Azahoth's "Moronic Aims to Mimic what some glorified demons were doing" earned him a secretly disliked reputation with Mischivers that aren't his ready family nor were as stupid as he is, being that any respect he does get from them is purely lip service in acknowlging that "He's a POWERFUL Idiot", and that if push were to come to ultamately shove of Azahoth starts being "THAT stupid" again, espeically with something an earnest threat that can't be readily countered or dealt with, Azahoth would be set to become the target of long coming usurp attempts by any Mischivers with more brains and no relation to him, geneticly or otherwise, not helping that Mischiver culture is all about one-uping eachother as true loyalty was reserved to family or being why they got where they are, though even THEN those exceptions aren't always ironclad.

Azathoth and his brethren and family would thus dwell in the Xoth System with plans to finish what they started in the far future. They did so countless times, but though they changed a lot beyond mortal capability, they were still stopped through various means. One such attempt was through the history of Lovecraftian horror in which they were an Earth civilization predating humanity, but was locked away by the Gods. The most recent of these endeavors invited a newcomer named Howard Phillips Lovecraft, a weird fiction writer with racial issues and a fear of virtually anything, but also a lucid dreamer and an outerdimensional crusader who challenged the Mischievers within the former Fantasy Realm as a man named Randolph Carter, then wrote his IRL stories based on them. But every time, thanks to a grand powerlink Azathoth made thanks to his connection to his entire people via his race's biology, they always returned stronger and more experienced. They tarnished the Demon Realm and made sure through any means necessary that the Demon Realm stayed as it was, possibly thanks to the Titans' very essence globally infecting the world of Yuggoth, aided by that even if aggressive restoration of the Fantasy Realm were to occure anyway, short of something powerful enough to truely destroy the chaos energy, it would just retreat into the titans and give them a chance to get the job right this, cherry'd by that the ones with the serious power and reshources to be earnest threats to their "Masterpiece" in the Demon Realm, the Administration of Conformity, are viewed as unlikeable puritons cause of their increasingly extreme aims to curb a so-calle embracing of "Dmeonacy" and other things that would risk denizens to become exactly what the Mischivers wanted from their stunts to begin with to the point that even so much as being a weirdo gets ya thrown into an asylum-like prison city, regaurdless of actual harm or not, added with a refusial to even minorly reconsider bringing the fantasy realm back for how FREAKING long they were at the aims, and this in turn made it the prime location of quarantined lands on Earth and other realms that were affected by the Mischievers, which includes the fictional locations of Lovecraftian lore. Many people in the Demon Realm had different plots to quell the Mischiever threat, including Randolph in so many ways, but none of them proved to be effective nor would be expected effective. But eventually, their antics will be met with unstoppable karma with just the right person.


In Lovecraftian fiction, Azathoth is described as a shapeless chaotic entity. Theories have even included that he is the puppet of a worse being, that he was not always blind or idiotic due to a long-forgotten war of primordial past, and that all of existence is his dream that will be blinked from existence should he wake up. He is described as an infinitely-sleeping entity who's only kept asleep thanks to his Servitors which play the accursed flutes and maddening drums because of the latter theory, but in truth, he is a lucid dreamer so strong that he can make dreams into reality. He is not the true creator of reality, but only one who can bend it to his will by his awake-dreaming alone. All other theories are also true as the puppeteer is Mlandoth, and he became a 'blind idiot' because of the trauma he suffered when Mlandoth destroyed his kingdom with his Titans, which was a trauma so strong, that it destabilized his consciousness.

Azathoth's biology has made him have no true form. His shapeshifting is therefore infinite. He can take countless forms to fit his needs. As a being of pure craftflesh, he can spawn any type of organ or body part to fit his needs, including tentacles, eyes, mouths, and entire organs. He is immortal as a Mischiever, and does not require sustenance, and therefore eating is treated as a pleasure to him. His experience from gathering godly strength over the countless eons from the Mad Rims have even made him omnipotent. Thus he has the power to blink anyone from existence, warp reality to however he pleases, and create entities from his very being. However, due to the trauma he still suffers to this day which earned him the name 'blind idiot god', and the fact that his omnipotence comes from the dreams of his unstable mind, which is sustained from the Mad Rims, he can only warp reality in the realm he occupies, and therefore he cannot warp reality in a dimension he is not in. Thus he seeks ways to escape to other realities so that he may allow his powers to work.


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