Azul Raindrop
Vital statistics
Title Party-Planner of Equantica, Friend of Princess Marenia Typhoonica, Royal Jester
Gender Female
Race/Species Equestrian Earth Merpony
Faction Equantica
Description Joyful, Hyperactive, Strange Obsession with Bubbles, Hilarious
Skills and Abilities Cheerful Entertainer
Status Alive
Location Destiny Islands
  • Unnamed Amish Farm, Destiny Islands Sea (Birthplace)
  • Equestrian Sea (Current Residence)
Alignment Good and Cheerful

Azul Raindrop is a blue merpony with a similar appearance and personality of Pinkie Pie. She is hyperactive, giggly, hilarious, and loves to party. 


Cutie Mark

While Azul looks like Pinkie, she has a different history. Instead of growing up on a rock farm, Azul grew up in an underwater Amish country far away from Equantica. She lived with her parents planting Arame seaweed, although there were times when she felt like she was missing something in her life, something heart-warming. She clears her mind of this feeling by going to the surface to take a breather. Then, one day, she caught a glimpse of something extremely rare: the rainbow colors of an aurora. Seeing these shining solar lights, Azul smiled for the first time in her life. She then decided to spread the happiness to her family by setting up a huge party. At first glance, Azul's family had felt better than in the days of yore when they celebrated the Equestrian traditions of the Grand Galloping Gala, and joined the party. This of course allowed Azul to earn her cutie mark, 3 party balloons similar to the ones on Pinkie Pie's cutie mark, but with different colors.

Life in Equantica

10 years have passed since Azul earned her cutie mark, and everybody in her hometown was very happy to have Azul around. Then Azul decided to spread her happiness to the rest of the sea, and left to live in Equantica, assuring her family, friends, and neighbors that happiness would always be with them even in her absence. Upon her arrival in Equantica, she became a baker at Glucose Corner, and at the same time, threw parties and made everyone in Equantica smile.

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